Why Chapter37 for a name?

Since this is the first post in my Sunday series, The Refocus Challenge (find out what in the world that is HERE!), I thought it would be appropriate to explain a little bit about this blog.


So, why pick chapter37 for a name? It’s not as random as it might seem.  When I was thinking up a name for my new blog, I knew I wanted it to work for a business name as well for a blog. My previous blog and shop names were unrelated to each other, and I felt like that was confusing to visitors.  More importantly, I wanted the name to be a brief segment of a bigger story.

I found the name one morning as I was reading Psalm 37 in the Bible. It stuck me in a new way as I read it. That chapter, if applied, can not only change an individual’s life, but it can also completely rearrange one’s way of doing business as well. Chapter37 is a challenge to myself and others to operate under the principles described in Psalm 37. The main principle being, “commit thy way unto the Lord.” It is so easy to view aspects of our lives as “God free zones”. We don’t ask for His participation, so He, like a gentleman stays out. We in turn, miss out on His blessing and the wisdom He could give us. What a foolish choice! Psalm 37 describes the opposite perspective, that of allowing God His rightful place as leader and decision maker in every area of my life.

The other reason I picked this name is because I adore reading. I’m one of those “start a book that’s so good I need to stay up until two in the morning to finish it, even if I’m going to die from lack of sleep the next day” weirdos. I get most of my inspiration from reading books. They help me to broaden my mind, exercise my imagination, and define my writing style. The Bible provides my moral compass and challenges my character. Giving a nod to both books and the Bible in my blog/business name seemed decidedly appropriate.

My shop slogan, “Repurpose – Refashion – Refocus”, is sort of a play on words. Each word relates to both what I do creatively, and to my life as a child of God.

Repurpose: Nothing is as fun as taking a piece of junk, and repurposing it into some useful, pretty thing. Similarly, God did the same thing for me when I invited Him into my life. He gave me a new purpose for living.

Restyle: A fresh perspective on fashion/decor? Or, a change in my lifestyle? Either one works! There is always room to take the stuff we already have, or the life we already have, and rearrange the elements of it in a new way that is fresh and useful.

Refocus: My last purpose of blogging and business effort is to help myself and others refocus. It’s easy to start a project and never finish. Just ask my mister about my ever growing craft stash, if you’d like further information. It’s just as easy to make positive lifestyle changes, and then completely forget why we’re bothering with the effort in the first place. What is the end goal? What is the point? Why are we doing what we are doing? With the daily bombardment of things to distract us, I think there is always reason to pause and refocus.


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