When God doesn’t listen


Today I am feeling grateful. Grateful for a working vehicle. Grateful for the hot shower I had this morning. Grateful for the little person twirling in circles singing at the top of her lungs beside me as I type this post. Grateful that God doesn’t always listen to me.

Just suppose God did listen to me all the time. Those long sighs I sigh at the end of the day when I’m faced with the trail of mess stretching from one end of the house to the other created by the energetic labors of two little blond heads cozily asleep in their beds…suppose He decided to lighten my work load and take one, or both away, just to help me out? I’m grateful He doesn’t always listen.

I’m grateful He doesn’t listen when I’m annoyed at the hot water heater leaking, and the pipe under the house breaking, and the vehicle dying all in the same week. He really could choose to make life simpler and less expensive for me by allowing me to live without any running water, and without any transportation. Taking away my worries over modern conveniences would be pretty easy for Him to do. I’m grateful He doesn’t always listen.

One of my girls saw me scraping paint off the floor with a scraper the other day and wanted to do it too…she decided pretty quickly that that shiny tool looked much more fun and much easier when Mamma was doing it than when she was doing it. I’ve been there, and done that, have you? I’ve seen many a “shiny tool” in the hands of other people and thought longingly that I’d like to give their life a try. Sometimes I’m shocked to find out that their life isn’t all that great…in fact, sometimes I find out that life I thought I wanted is actually pretty terrible! And then, I’m grateful that God doesn’t always listen to me. 

Today I sat in church and listened to a lady sing with a beautiful smile on her face…she is fighting cancer with little hope of beating it. Facing cancer with a smile and singing about God’s grace….and my day is ruined over spilled coffee or a pile of legos on the floor. I’m so grateful God doesn’t always listen to this spoiled child of His.

More times and than not, when bad things happen, God is the first person we blame. It’s all His fault. He should have stopped it. Really? Suppose God always did what we thought He should? What if He always listened to us? I’m grateful, from the bottom of my heart, that God doesn’t always listen to me.

Psalms 21:3   For thou preventest him with the blessings of goodness…

P.S. This is our day on the blog to refocus on things that really matter. You can find more Refocus Challenge posts HERE.

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3 Responses to When God doesn’t listen

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Abby! I think most of us have been in your shoes at some point. Those times when nothing seems to go right and peaceful times seem nonexistent. I believe God IS listening to you/us through all of our trials and mishaps. He is the one giving us strength to get through as we allow ourselves to lean on Him. How enjoyable would life be if it were all roses and sunshine? I think I’d still find something to complain about, somewhere to find fault. It’s these daily issues that help us appreciate what we really have…lots and lots of blessings!

  2. Trisha says:

    Amen Sister!! Garth Brooks wrote a song about some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. That about sums it up! Loved you post! I am currently reading a book by Peggie O’Niell called Juggle Without the Struggle. I highly recommend it. Give praise and thanks to God in all things good and bad – hard to remember but your post reflected just that!! Trisha

  3. Jackie says:

    In a quite moment go back over your life and all the times you asked God for something that you “thought” you wanted or begged Him to do for you. You will find there are more times than you ever remembered where you are very glad that He didn’t give you what you asked for. God knows what is best for us all and although many times we are being taught through an ordeal, we see that He was with us each step of the way. He was building our Faith and making us look up when we were at the very bottom. When you are at the end of your rope and about to jump off a cliff, God will do one of two things…Catch you when you fall or teach you to fly. Trust and Believe. God is SO good. All Praise and Glory to Him.

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