What’s it all about?

What is it? In these posts I talk about my favorite topic, God and how He relates to me as an everyday woman. I may ramble for a bit about a lesson I learned over the past week, link an article that inspired me, post the lyrics to a good song, or just post a great verse.

What’s your point? To encourage. None of us are perfect, and we all have areas we can improve. We have the choice to complain about all the problems in the world, or we can do something proactive to have a positive influence. The Refocus Challenge is my effort to constructively impact those within my reach. The God I know, loves and cares about each person personally. Some people don’t know that, and that’s why I need to talk about Him. I don’t want anyone to miss out on something so life changing. My intention is certainly not to offend anyone, but to encourage conversation.

4 Responses to What’s it all about?

  1. think we have the same story about God in the middle of the mix- glad I found your site- where in SC do you live?

  2. Sally wiedefeld says:

    Just found your blog tonight. I really needed to read it and I believe God directed me here. Been having a rough time lately and your blog is uplifting. Thank you.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Abby! I’m excited to find you, and your blog captured my attention immediately because of the Bible verses … It’s unusual for someone to openly express their beliefs, and I commend you for doing so. Do not worry about offending others, God is on your side!
    We have twin grandchildren born tiny preemies … almost 16 years ago … at less than two lbs each. They are excelling in their academic, sports and extracurricular activities now … I firmly believe God has carried them through the years to develop into the thriving young people they have become, and I know he will do the same for your sweet babe, especially with the strong faith you exhibit. I hope to follow you faithfully, too, now that I have found your blog, Abby, and I hope your little one is thriving.

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