Using a Paint Brush Extender

I completely understand that it’s Christmas…and I should be discussing how to make hand carved snowman from jello or something like that…but it’s completely necessary we take a moment to deliberate about painting. Because, if you know a person who enjoys hardware stores more than the mall…this is what you need to buy them for Christmas. Your welcome.

how to use a pant brush extender by chapter37

This is a paint brush holder that screws onto an extension pole for painting high places. Exciting! So, say you have a stair case wall where you can’t put a ladder, or a peaked roof that’s too tall for your ladder, or you just have a dislike of ladders in general…this little gizmo gets you all the height you need. There’s a few different types out there, but the one I bought has three screws and a Velcro strap.

The top screw goes through the hole in the paint brush handle, and the Velcro strap goes across the handle like so.

using a paint brush extender by chapter37

The other two screw control the tilt and angle of your brush. You’ll probably have to play with them a bit when you first start painting to get it angled just right.

using a paint brush extender by chapter37

The whole deal screws onto any threaded extension pole. These poles come in all different lengths at most hardware stores.


I used my new sensational discovery to paint this stair wall. The rail is sturdy enough, but not so much so that I would put my faith in it to lean a ladder up against it. The paint brush extender ensured that my pretty little feet never had to leave solid ground.


I also started on the stairs…because I thought I was going to have all sorts of free time right around Christmas? Safe to say, the stairs won’t be completed until after the new year. So much better already though, no? (never mind the uneven roof…such things are quite to be expected in old houses)

painting a stair wall with a paint brush extender

It doesn’t matter how many times I paint these walls white, I can never get over how much light it lets in! The affect to the stairs was as if I had installed tread lights…I feel like painting made the stairs about a million times safer! I’m pretty anxious to get done with the stairs and the rails (you can read more about their future HERE), but I’m not going to sacrifice my Christmas over it. They can wait.

All and all, I’d highly recommend investing in a paint brush extender…especially if you paint a lot. I wish I’d tried one sooner, it would have saved me some serious ladder climbing workouts. Have you ever tried one? What was your opinion on them?

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4 Responses to Using a Paint Brush Extender

  1. ladyperry12 says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I have a stairwell with a half wall that made it impossible to paint without DANGER. Love this gadget and didn’t know about it. Your walls and stairs look beautiful with the new paint! The difference is amazing!

    • Abby says:

      I think this thing would be perfect for your wall! I didn’t know about it either, until very recently…it could probably save quite a few folks from some tricky situations! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. brenda says:

    What an amazing difference! I did not know they made such a tool, but I have a two story foyer to be painted in the near future, and will keep this extender in mind. I love what you are doing with your house, and how it is a real life, everyday person, type of renovation.

  3. FirstKristy says:

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