Use it rather

Use it rather

If you happened to be driving down Woods dr last week, you may have been tempted to raise an eyebrow at the sight in my front yard. Two little girls (not really sure to which irresponsible mother they belonged), like two frogs in a jar, had stuffed themselves into the city issued recycle bin tote, filled it with water, and were having a great time “swimming” in the fresh spring air. Because if mom won’t put out your pool for you, what else do you do, but find a way to swim anyway?

I can’t help but think that’s exactly what God meant for me to do when life is not exactly the poolside experience I requested. I do believe that the same God who turned water to wine, who healed a blind man’s eyes with mud, who sent Gideon into battle with a trumpet, who trained David to be a warrior with a slingshot, and who defeated Satan with a cross, does in fact intend for me to overcome literally any situation through the power of Christ. I do not believe, even for one second, that the God who suffered pain and death to set my soul free, meant for me to live in bondage to any disappointment, any fear, any sorrow, any circumstance, or any person. But where is the pool? Clearly I have not been provided my ideal living situation. Should I just try to ignore that, think positively, and try to act happy anyway?

No indeed, God is a God of reality, not mind games. Find the recycle bin, and swim anyway. 1 Corinthians 7:21 gives me the answer, “Use it rather”. So the Devil has chucked some rocks at me. Collect them, build a platform, stand on it, and sing the goodness of a God who doesn’t throw rocks. So a broken world has sliced me with its sharpness. Let the Lord mend the spot, and be diligent to show the scar to everyone with the story of a God who heals. So loss has left a gaping hole in me. Let the Creator speak it full of living water to be a source of comfort for thirsty hearts around me.

It is not God’s promise to give me a better life somewhere else, living in some other kind of situation. It is His promise to renew this mind, to be a light for me on this path, to shelter me from this storm, to equip me for this battle, and to bring me home to a better country when the whole of life is done. It is on these promises I can throw myself, and have a nap in perfect peace. So what if there’s no pool in sight! Grab the recycle bin, and “ use it rather”!

1 Corinthians 7:20-21 “Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called. Art thou called being a servant? Care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.”

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