Updating the guest room’s fifth wall with color

Do you know what the fifth wall in a room is? Of course you do, look up! Your ceiling is arguably the most looked at “wall” in a bedroom, and shouldn’t be overlooked when painting.  While color on the ceiling may not be your thing, even a fresh coat of just white may make more of a difference than you think.

I personally enjoy a colored ceiling, specifically if all the walls are white. The main areas of our house have wood ceilings, while the bedrooms have drywall ceilings. I chose to leave the wood ceilings alone, and paint all the dry wall ones…which were a stylish shade of 50′s pink. Pink…really? Of all the colors you could pick….

Stunning floor - this would stop me in my tracks the minute I walk in the door!

Painting a ceiling is just like painting a door, it’s a very easy way to change the look of a room without investing tons of time or money. It’s a small thing, but it will alter the feel of a room. Don’t be suckered into paying more for special ceiling paint either, anything you can use on a wall will work for a ceiling also. There’s no extra talent needed either, it’s cutting in and rolling, just like a wall.

blue painted ceiling in a child's bedroom chapter37

I just finished up painting our guest room ceiling, and I chose a very light mint green. The walls are white with a slight tint of grey…I mixed a gallon of “oops” paint with left over white I had on hand…thus the slight tint of grey. I like a brighter white for the main areas of the house, but a little grey isn’t bad for a bedroom. (And really, for only costing me $5 for all the paint, I can deal with it.)

light green painted ceiling via chapter37

Peaking at my cute little lamp, were you? I know. The adorableness is hard to resist. So, we started HERE, and now we’ve got some white(ish) walls, pretty green ceiling, and a black door. (This picture was snapped mid door painting, hence the rather streaky, shiny appearance.) I skipped the painter’s tape, and that cut down the work time tremendously.

green ceiling, black door, white wall via blog.chapterthirtyseven.com

After seeing this room, I’m really tempted to go back and paint the beams black. Oh dear, such indecision. I hate to redo things twice, but I know I would just love them black.

Painted ceiling detail.

I’m looking forward to knocking this room out, and getting started on my stairs. I have all the “pieces” for the rest of this puzzle, it’s all just a matter of painting, hanging, or moving it in place. My goal is to finish it all by the end of this week, so we’ll see if I can make it! If I decide to repaint the ceiling beams, I probably wouldn’t finish this week. Hmm repaint or no? Opinions?

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