Ticking Tassels and Wrong Turns


My mister bought me a bike for my birthday. Isn’t he darling?? It’s purple and white (the bike, not my husband), and I switched out the seat to one of those nice puffy ones that are typically purchased by people over the age of 85. It is so. much. better. In my opinion, exercise is much like birthing a baby. It’s a necessary ordeal to achieve the end goal, and one’s appearance is quite low on the list of concerns.

The other morning, I went for a ride, a nice long ride.  Returning home, I felt quite the Olympian about my great foray into unknown regions.  I announced to my mister, rather smugly, that I had no idea where I had gone, but it had been a frightfully long way away. Somehow, he rather lacked the appropriate enthusiasm for my adventure that I had. Most likely, because he knew just how stellar my sense of direction is, and that “long way” might have various meanings.


As it happens, a short while later, I had the occasion to look at a map of my general area. To my utter chagrin, I realized that I had, in fact, not gone a great distance at all! I had actually gone in a circle, and had been only about two streets away from my house. Furthermore, I had managed to keep the circling up for an hour, without realizing I was passing the same houses over and over. It was a brilliant move, really. I could be a regular Indian with such rare skills.


I probably gave some little couple having their morning coffee quite the chuckle, as I huffed and puffed my way past their front window fourteen times! I can hear it now. “Well, bless her heart. Do you think we should go see if she’s lost?” “Oh, I expect not, but you’d best keep an eye on her. The poor dear looks most about to die.” (“most about to die” in South Carolina vernacular simply means one is exhausted, the likelihood of actual death occurring is little to none.)


Thankfully, making a cute little tassel to hang on a door knob or a curtain tie back requires much less skill than bike riding. I feel so much more objective about a project that doesn’t involve maps or road signs, don’t you? No turns to worry about, just straight lines. All you need is some pretty ticking fabric. Snip the sides, and then just rip it width-wise into strips.


Fifteen strips cut into halves, to be exact.


Loop some twine or rope around the middle and tie it, just like so.


Spin the tied part so it’s doesn’t show. Wrap the strips together at the top with some pretty trim or more rope.


Tie the ends tightly.


I think that if all door knobs had ticking tassels, they would feel so much better about themselves…even if the door knobs had rust spots because they are decades old and need replacing…I think they would especially appreciate a ticking tassel. Wouldn’t you agree? (These are also available in my shop HERE.)


P.S. Isn't it splendid that God knows just exactly which roads in life we need to take?! What a mess of things I can avoid simply be checking in with Him first before taking a "wrong turn"!  Proverbs 16:9   A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. 

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