Thursday Snap Shots

You’ll have to excuse the silence on the old blog this week…sometimes it seems I have to choose between being productive or blogging. This week has been a grand slam for getting things done, just not so much on the blogging side of it! No matter, we’ll catch back up in no time. So here’s what I’ve been up too…

I’ve been putting in some crazy long hours giving the master bedroom a paint job. I’ll do a full blog post on this next week with further details. I couldn’t be more relieved that it is done! I just love the ceiling color, I bought it on a whim and it works really well in here.

painted grey ceiling

The Mister has been making excellent progress on the hall library. It needs a little more work and some trim and then I’ll hit it with a paint brush. So excited to get some books on those shelves! I’ll give some more details on those later too. (Bonus points to whoever can spy the little purple ghost on the stairs!)

hall library

I found a fun rug for the girls room to replace the orange one that I stole for my work room.

random 4

I’ve been debating a pink one or a navy blue one. I thought I might redecorate this room away from the pinks…but this was the deciding factor…

sonogram picture of baby holding up it's thumb

Looks like little girl #3 will be joining us in July! This little lady looks great and is giving me a thumbs up…or a warning that she’s going to be a thumb sucker just like her big sisters! At any rate, I’ll be sticking with the pink after all. And now the pressure is really on, twenty weeks to finish this house before I’m on a newborn’s schedule…nothing like some motivation!

Romans 12:21   Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. 

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3 Responses to Thursday Snap Shots

  1. Mary says:

    so excited for you! like the bookcase idea.

  2. Katie says:

    How exciting. 3girls. Congratulations. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy

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