The future of the guest room

I’ve discovered that home renovation progress goes in spurts. You just have to get done what you can get done, when you can do it, and be happy with that. Easier said than done for  “I have an idea and I want it done by exactly 4.5 hours from now” types like myself. I’m getting antsy to finish my guest room, but other obligations are taking precedent just now so I’m learning patience. Yay me. Since it’s stuck on my brain though, I thought I’d share some of the before pictures of the room and some of my plans for it.

This room is pretty average, nothing especially gross or weird about it.

1950 era home renovation chapter37

Wood walls, check. Dirty pink ceiling, check. Disturbing burn spot on the closet door, check.

room renovation chapter37

Creaky parquet floor, check. Door that you have to body slam open or shut, because absolutely nothing is level in an old house, check.

home renovation chapter37

Ok, now that you’ve seen what we are working with, here’s the idea. First paint it, which I’ve already done. If you follow me in on Instagram, you’ve already seen a sneak peak. It is so. much. better. I love paint. I can’t imagine my life without it. Really.

Next, my plan is to get some cute stuff moved in and arranged sorta like so…

room renovation chapter37

The bed is under the oddly sized half window, and I’m going to try to make it look like it’s supposed to be like that with a really neat over hanging curtain….which I actually haven’t invented just yet, but I’m sure it will be smashing. Something along these lines maybe? Just not quite that fancy.


I’ve already got my barrel side tables painted and ready to go. (post HERE)

painted wood barrel side tables chapter37

This room might end up more eclectic than even my usual tendency to go that route…mostly because this room is on a major budget. I’m trying to use anything I already have, and buy as little as possible. It’s really challenging me, but totally in a good way!

room renovation chapter37

Although this is the guest room, I need it to work for us as well. The closet, of course, is storage, but I’m going to have a corner of the room be the art spot for the girls.

room renovation planing chapter37

I don’t want anything over the top, just a simple spot they can use to create and color. Something like this would be just right.

love how it's a kids nook and not over taking her entire super adorable family room!!!!  Rowan's Nook | by jenloveskev, via Flickr


To the right of the door isn’t pictured, but I plan to put a dresser in it with lamps on top. The dresser can work for storage and the lamps are needed, because there is no overhead light in this room. That’s special, isn’t it. I’d like to find a big dresser like this, for optimal storage space…

Purple Dresser


I may have to settle for painted filing cabinets or lockers. Every dresser I’ve found so far has been exorbitantly over priced for the amount of work and money they would need to fix them. I plan to paint whatever it is I end up with a nice emerald or olive green. I’m transfixed on the idea of a piece of green furniture…don’t ask. It must be green, that’s all I know.

So there you have it, there’s the future of the guest room! Feel free to weigh in with any and all suggestions, I’m all ears!

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4 Responses to The future of the guest room

  1. rick & merry says:

    Try a swag light

  2. Antonella says:

    You have picked a very ambitious project, I am the worst at decorating, lol. It looks like there is a quite a bit of natural light in the room, and with your white walls will make it very inviting. Love the plan for a little area for the kids art.
    Can’t wait to see more.
    Hugs, Antonella 🙂

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