A sunny sunroom makeover

Question of the day…is “sunroom” supposed to be spelled as one word? Or two? Spell check says it is two, Wikipedia says it is one. Far be it from me to defy spell check since I can hardly spell my name without it, but I’m going with one word…it looks better. Know what else looks better? Sunrooms with white benches and bright cushions and jolly looking plants with lots of sunshine bouncing around. This space was pretty much a blank slate to start with, I didn’t do much of anything to the bones of the room. We had plumbing run out here to put the washer and dryer in half the room, and the other half was left for other purposes. For the last year it’s purpose was junk pile-up room, and I’ll spare you the pictures of that. It was not pretty. After pinterest browsing and picture shopping, I … Continue reading

Sun Room Beginnings and Plans

One very neat feature of this house that I really love is the little sun room off the back of the house. I love light and big windows and airy spaces. Sun rooms also feel distinctly southern and classic to me…I’m sure they aren’t necessarily, but I still think of them that way. I just think it’s completely appropriate that an old South Carolinian home have a sun room. This was how it looked when we first bought the house. Unfortunately, it’s been our dumping ground for semi-completed projects and various items lacking a permanent home. There didn’t seem to be any working plumbing installed anywhere for a washer/dryer in the house, so I had our plumber add the lines out here. I planned on using half of the room for a laundry room, and half for recreational purposes. The windows all need replacing at some point in the future, … Continue reading