Patience pays off – $12 Desk Makeover

I came to a sobering realization a few weeks ago. If I am ever to learn the art of proper book keeping, aside from tossing papers into the large fruit basket in my dining room, I need a desk for that specific purpose. My paper work needs a place to be sorted and to live. If something has it’s own place, than I am fanatical about keeping it in that place and organizational utopia ensues…except for when the Mister can’t find whatever it is I put away, and I haven’t the faintest idea where I might have put it. Not that that ever happens. I set off with my two little sidekicks in tow, to scour the country far and wide for a desk with a price tag as close to zero as possible. Nothing like having realistic expectations. I quickly found that the my thrift store circuit was going to get … Continue reading