Color Block Infinity Scarf Tutorial

If I’m in an all fired rush to get dressed and out the door…it’s going to be a black and white outfit sort of day (just how many times a week that happens shall not be mentioned…). Painting a house? Black and white. Day dreaming about sewing color-block infinity scarves? You guessed it, just a touch of black with that white if you please. Does that qualify me for the most boring person on the planet? It’s quite possible. I prefer to think of it as having a well adjusted appreciation of color contradictions. You can always count on black and white to create striking affect. The black and white check flannel I used to sew this scarf was my downfall…I wasn’t planing on anything of the sort until I saw it. Sigh, oh fabric stores why must you tempt me so? Making one is very, very simple. You need two strips, … Continue reading