How to make wood bookends from salvaged materials

Wood Bookends Tutorial

I have a thing about books….like the actual paper page, hard back, colorful binder, musty smell, non-virtual kind. You might have guessed I had a thing for them from the name of this blog. Books and shoes…you can never have too many. Our collection of books is rather enormous, and I’m constantly picking up new ones at thrift stores. I just can’t resist when they usually only cost a few cents. Naturally, I rather adore bookends and interesting things to prop up my books. I made this set of wood bookends from some architectural salvage I found at my local salvage shop. The “L” shape of the bookend is two blocks of wood, 6″ x 5″. I used a 1 x 6 and sliced it up with a miter saw. (Miter saws are weirdly addicting…you should try it.) I used wood glue at the bases to put them together. Leave … Continue reading