Edible Gifts – A popcorn roundup

When I was a kid, the most exciting family gift given to us mostly every year by some friend or another was a tin of popcorn. You know, the big round tins that have pretty Christmas pictures on the outside? I had three older siblings to contend with, so the plan was very simple. Devour as much of the caramel variety as possible and move on to the cheese as quickly as possible. The plain butter variety was kindly left to the others. It rarely worked, but you can’t blame a kid for trying! Things apparently have gotten a whole lot fancier in the land of popcorn flavors since I was little…where were all of these back then I ask you?? (click on the pictures to see the recipes) White chocolate peppermint popcorn Honey Butter Popcorn Muddy Buddy Popcorn Reese’s Popcorn Peppermint bark caramel popcorn Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn S’mores Popcorn … Continue reading