Staircase – A series of steps or a piece of art?

My next painting project I plan to tackle is my staircase. It’s the first thing you see when you step through the front door, so I think it’s high time for it to receive some attention. Hmmm why yes, I am still in the middle of my guest room, and the living room still is unfinished with three pieces of furniture needing slip-covers, two pieces needing painting, and art needed for the wall…just never you mind about all that. We like to have big goals around here. I’ve had very specific plans for my staircase since the moment I laid eyes on it. Its narrow and dark, with a bit of a twist at the top…it’s quirky, creaky, and irregular…just my style. It’s my “story book” staircase. Our contractor told us the staircase would never pass current building codes, its too narrow and the stairs are too steep. I don’t … Continue reading