The Entry’s Mini Fall Makeover and Peak at it’s Past

Fall entry decor chapter37

The entryway was the first “room” in this house to see the light of day…or rather, the light of white paint and a scrub brush. I started at the front door when I began painting, and worked my way around the down stairs by order of the rooms which received the most use. This is the first area to get redecorated for a season, and for some reason that just tickles me. If you are to the point in a house where you can re-decorate a space…well then, you are making mighty fine progress I’d say! I didn’t actually do all that much, just a touch of Fall here and there. I was inspired to do this pumpkin picture by a tutorial I saw an another blog…but I can’t find it now to save my life! Ugh! If I find it, I’ll add the link. (Edited 10/8: I found the tutorial! … Continue reading