What will happen if you paint brick?

how to paint brick chapter37

It will look pretty, that’s what! Brick inside a house brings a rustic and warm feel with it that I just love. The trouble is, not all brick is lovely to look at. Some of it can be down right ugly! If you find yourself afflicted with generally unattractive brick, paint is a simple way to improve it. I’m going to give you two examples of this, one of fake brick, the second of real brick. My work shop walls had some troubling issues, termite damage for one, and ugliness for another. I decided I wanted a nice statement wall on one end of the room, so we procured some fake brick paneling from the hardware store. I didn’t think it was all that nice of a color, or the slightest bit realistic looking, but I had a plan. First, I filled in the grout with white paint, which was … Continue reading