The Dining Room Makeover

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We are on “round one” of our home renovation. Round one is defined thus: get it clean, get it livable, and get some paint on the walls for the sheer relief of my eyeballs! Round two will be more important things like, replacing floors, windows, maybe even getting doors which open and shut…novel concept to be sure. Let’s not underestimate round one though…it may be small budget stuff, but it’s a ferocious beast. Want evidence? I have plenty. This way if you please…this is my dining room before paint….and before extreme sanitary measures were taken. And this is my dining room after paint…white to the walls, black to the doors. See that wall separating the kitchen and the dining room? I wish I had a close up shot of the counter before I messed with it, It was so. gross. I don’t even have words really. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

7 Ways to save money on a home renovation

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You might run across a person now and then (uh hum…me for instance) who holds the belief that their extensive experience of painting a wall or two at one point in their past somehow uniquely qualifies them to redo an entire house. Such an overly optimistic person might find themselves rather thunderstruck when they are faced with the actual figures that an adventure like that is likely to cost. Not that I would know. To that person, I would offer these seven suggestions of how to save some of the money that seems  to disappear like the wind during a home renovation. Do as much of the work yourself as you possibly can. Just because you’ve never done it before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Most likely you lack the knowledge, not the physical ability….two very different things. Neither the Mister nor myself had ever ripped out flooring, installed counter … Continue reading