Do as I say and not as I do – How to draw on your clothing

Paint pen top by chapter37

I made one tremendous mistake with this project…I let my four year old watch me do it. This will not end well I predict. After all, she saw, with her own eyes, her own mother drawing on a shirt…let the festivities begin. Anyone know how I can salvage all the laundry that will foreseeably be ruined by ink in the near future? I made this shirt a while ago (tutorial HERE), but I thought it looked rather bland and unpleasantly similar to a nursing scrub top. I became transfixed upon the idea of adding a print to it…and using a gold paint pen, I did just that. It began as tiny polka dots…and then my paint pen had a hiccup all over my shirt (don’t press down while your drawing!)…so random triangles became a necessity. I’m glad they did too, because the small dots are hardly visible from a distance. … Continue reading