Wire Star Ornaments

There are no magazine worthy Christmas trees around this house. We usually find the largest live tree we can stuff under the roof, and then bedeck it with every ornament imaginable. Vintage, glitzy, rustic, modern, handmade, large, small, any color you wish, it’s all welcome. Granted, if I had my wish it would be magazine worthy, but coordinating stockings on the mantle are about as close as I’ll ever get to it. One certainly can’t say the thing lacks personality, it’s simply dripping with it. Handmade ornaments certainly don’t need to be elaborate. Take these wire star ornaments for instance. They are great little things to add to your own tree or to make for a gift. You need a block of wood, nails, wire, wire cutters and ribbon. Trace out a star pattern on the wood, any size you wish. Mine is about 4 inches. Tap a nail in … Continue reading