Fly. Feather Print on Burlap Art

feather print burlap art chapter37

A rush of air, the beat of wings, a flurry of feathers, the distant raspy calls of the flock winging it’s way into the sky… I can see it, I can hear it in my mind. There’s power in those delicate little feathers. There is inspiration in them. Beat the odds. Defy gravity. Fly. This is the art I chose to make for the little girls’ art corner. This is what I want my little chicks to learn. Ignore the voice that says “I can’t”. Ignore the excuses. Ignore what everyone else is doing. Just fly. Soar high, do the best you can, beat those wings. This piece of wall art is super simple to make. Start with a piece of burlap cut to whatever size you want. Grab some paint, a brush, and a cheap feather you don’t mind ruining. Paint one side of the feather generously. Lay it … Continue reading

Modern Cross Stitch – a.k.a Sharpie Art

Sharpie Art

Do you know what my four year old daughter said to her little sister the other day? “I’m so glad you weren’t born a dragon, or else I’d be so scared of you!” A high complement indeed, wouldn’t you agree? I mean really, I’m grateful she wasn’t born a dragon either.  That would be a serious situation to be sure. (Privately, I have my own opinions about possible dragon like tendencies…specifically where spinach at dinner, or potty training is concerned.) Speaking of being born, I’m also rather grateful I wasn’t born back in the era when it was fashionable for ladies to sit around sewing tiny stitches into meticulously patterned alphabets and botanicals. I’m sure I would have been cast off into the realm of the forever unfashionable, because I would never have survived the second stitch. I’ve rather lately discovered colored sharpies, and I’m quite certain that there’s nothing that … Continue reading