Joy comes in the Morning (Video)

  Six months after Jed passed away I had the opportunity to talk about the rather tricky subject of Joy with a group of ladies. Joy is the last thing on one’s mind after losing someone you love. How can you possibly have joy and a broken heart at the same time? Here we are looking at the two year mark of life without Jed, and I want to share this story again with friends who have never heard it. Recently, someone told me that because of the unfortunate changes our family has seen following Jed’s death, what happened throughout his life was a waste, and we are now just a statistic. I’m afraid I do not agree. You see, no one is just that grand. I do not, nor does anyone else, have the power to nullify God’s work, His truth, His goodness shown, or His promise that He is able to keep … Continue reading

8 Ways to Conquer Feeling “Blue”

I don’t care who you are, there are times when a person just feels blue. Down in the dumps. Depressed about life. Completely melancholy. Some people may only encounter those feelings once in a great while, some people may fight them a lot. Life events are often the cause… problems, complications, loss, the down time after something grand and wonderful has happened, you name it. Silently and suddenly feelings can take a turn. Feeling down in and of itself isn’t a problem. It’s when we let the ugly cloud grow, and we choose to become a servant to our feelings that it becomes a problem. One way or the other, we will either have to learn to cope with the problem and conquer the dole drums, or it will conquer us. Telling yourself or someone else “just to get over it” probably isn’t going to help much, but doing something … Continue reading