Make your boots look better for longer

Everyone has a weakness somewhere. Mine is shoes. And coffee. And chocolate. But mostly shoes. For living in a fairly warm climate, I have an astonishing collection of boots. You never know, a blizzard may hit and I would so hate to not be prepared.  I’m attempting to have some self discipline this year and refrain from purchasing new boots. (Or at least not more than one pair…sheesh lets not get too dramatic here! Since when did K-mart start carrying ridiculously cute boots for so cheap? I. am. a fan.) Turns out new boots are cheaper than cheap if you just clean up the ones you have. Now there’s a thought. It’s really easy to polish up an older pair of boots to get some more mileage out of them. All you need is your boots, a can of boot polish in a color to match, a rag, and a … Continue reading