10 Month Check Up


It’s a good question. I hear it pretty frequently. I completely understand. So, you want new counter tops. You see some great DIY jobs…but you want to know just how well these amateur jobs actually hold up to real life. I’m certainly no expert. Not even close. But one doesn’t need to be an expert to know that pink counter tops need to go. ASAP.  One red pickup truck load of lumber fixed my problems just nicely…and it was fairly easy on the wallet, which sure doesn’t hurt either. There’s plenty of real life going on this house, I assure you. There’s play dough pies and and dropped plates and sticky messes and the odd construction job all happening on these wonderful wood counters. They have all the frequent opportunities to meet disaster that any other part of my house has…and they have survived exceptionally well. To be fair and honest. They … Continue reading