10 Practical Ways to Show Love to a Perfect Stranger

Why should I want to bother with showing love to a stranger anyway? Two very simple reasons come to mind immediately. First, my little girls are watching me, they will learn how to treat other people by how I treat other people. Second, my main purpose in life is to honor God and point people to Him….the best way to do that is to show His love to them. So, I guess I should hand out sloppy hugs to everyone I see then? Uh no, not exactly. That wouldn’t be awkward at all. Very practically speaking, here are ten ways I can very easily show love to another human being whom I have never met and probably will never see again….but who may be forever touched by a stranger’s momentary gesture. Use people’s names. People love to hear their own name, it’s the highest form of flattery. It shows you care … Continue reading