Shopping in unexpected places

wood curtain rod by chapter37

Not everything in life always falls neatly into the land of normal. Mostly, I think “normal” changes by the day. If you have kids for instance, saying things like “Keep your fingers out of sister’s ears” and “Don’t lick the floor” becomes pretty normal. (Really?? Did I ever think that would ever even be something I needed to clarify? No, I did not.) And then there’s the whole matter of curtain rod shopping. Because, obviously, one can’t simply do the easy thing, and run out to Walmart for one. That would be entirely too normal. I prefer stellar looking establishments such as this, where death by a stair parts avalanche is a distinct possibility. If you happen to be so foolish as to bring your overly energetic offspring with you, be prepared to keep a death grip on them, and endure gracefully any odd glances you might receive. Apparently mothers … Continue reading

Color Block Infinity Scarf Tutorial

how to make an infinity scarf chapter37

If I’m in an all fired rush to get dressed and out the door…it’s going to be a black and white outfit sort of day (just how many times a week that happens shall not be mentioned…). Painting a house? Black and white. Day dreaming about sewing color-block infinity scarves? You guessed it, just a touch of black with that white if you please. Does that qualify me for the most boring person on the planet? It’s quite possible. I prefer to think of it as having a well adjusted appreciation of color contradictions. You can always count on black and white to create striking affect. The black and white check flannel I used to sew this scarf was my downfall…I wasn’t planing on anything of the sort until I saw it. Sigh, oh fabric stores why must you tempt me so? Making one is very, very simple. You need two strips, … Continue reading

The Dining Room Makeover

dining room remodel via

We are on “round one” of our home renovation. Round one is defined thus: get it clean, get it livable, and get some paint on the walls for the sheer relief of my eyeballs! Round two will be more important things like, replacing floors, windows, maybe even getting doors which open and shut…novel concept to be sure. Let’s not underestimate round one though…it may be small budget stuff, but it’s a ferocious beast. Want evidence? I have plenty. This way if you please…this is my dining room before paint….and before extreme sanitary measures were taken. And this is my dining room after paint…white to the walls, black to the doors. See that wall separating the kitchen and the dining room? I wish I had a close up shot of the counter before I messed with it, It was so. gross. I don’t even have words really. I didn’t want to … Continue reading