Simple A line Skirt Sewing Tutorial

basic skirt sewing tutorial by chapter37

Do you know how to read a measuring tape? Do you know how to draw a straight line? Can you apply mild pressure with you foot? You can make this skirt! If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times…”I wish I could make stuff for myself to wear, you are so lucky.” Wishing never got anybody anything as far as I can tell, but trying certainly has! You can make yourself a really, really easy A-line skirt with some very basic sewing skills…as in, if you can make the machine go, you have plenty of skills to make yourself a skirt.

basic knit maxi skirt sewing tutorial by chapter37

You can make them long, you can make them short, you can make them flowy, you can make them straight…it does not matter. Grab some knit fabric and give one a try! I used some fabulous gold knit, which has a lovely little sparkle that doesn’t show well at all in the pictures. You’ll have to take my word for it, but I pretty much love that fabric. It’s very thin though, so I had to line it. If you want to line a skirt, you simply cut out two and attach them both to your waist band as if it were just one. Handy huh.

Here’s my guide for cutting out a knit skirt. This style only has one seam which is in the center back. You cut the skirt out on the fold. The more width you add to the bottom, the more full the skirt will be. I usually just make mine as wide on the bottom as the fabric will allow, since I like lots of leg room.

a line skirt sketch

Keep the wrong side out and sew the front to the back along that one seam line. Follow this tutorial for cutting out and attaching the skirt waist band. For the blue skirt in that post, I cut the skirt with two side seams (instead of the one center back) and did an extreme a-line to get the handkerchief hemline.

Any way you want to cut them, twenty minutes and you are done. Use sweater fabric for the winter, use silk jersey for a dressier look, use whatever you want to get whatever style you are after.

how to sew an a line skirt by chapter37

You know why this is good to know? It’s holiday time people! Who wants to stress about clothes shopping and what you are going to wear to that Christmas party when you have pies to bake and hot chocolate to drink?…and turkeys to figure out how to cook. Now that is something worth stressing about. I sincerely hope I’m not the only woman who gets shivers down my spine at the sight of a turkey in my freezer. What on earth am I to do with the thing?! Let’s just hope I can come up with a good answer between now and seven days from now.

 1 Chronicles 16:34   O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. 

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