Shopping in unexpected places

Not everything in life always falls neatly into the land of normal. Mostly, I think “normal” changes by the day. If you have kids for instance, saying things like “Keep your fingers out of sister’s ears” and “Don’t lick the floor” becomes pretty normal. (Really?? Did I ever think that would ever even be something I needed to clarify? No, I did not.) And then there’s the whole matter of curtain rod shopping.

shopping in unexpected places by chapter37

Because, obviously, one can’t simply do the easy thing, and run out to Walmart for one. That would be entirely too normal. I prefer stellar looking establishments such as this, where death by a stair parts avalanche is a distinct possibility.

shopping in unexpected places by chapter37

If you happen to be so foolish as to bring your overly energetic offspring with you, be prepared to keep a death grip on them, and endure gracefully any odd glances you might receive. Apparently mothers with small children aren’t the average clientele. Just smile and nod and act like you know what you are doing. It works every time.

curtain rod shopping by chapter37

From this magnificent source of all things building related, I selected a 12 foot wooden rod as my curtain rod of choice for a grand total of $3.

curtain rod from a wood rod by chapter37

I sawed it in half, which yielded me two, six foot long curtain rods for my future decorating needs. One was immediately put to use in my guest room, elegantly perched in two brackets, which I found at a yard sale ages ago. I left the wood as is for a nice little touch of rustic.

wooden curtain rod by chapter37

From the same thrifty source, I also purchased two of these charming little wall lamps for either side of the bed. And, like the good blogger I am, I forgot entirely to take a picture of them before adorning them in fresh paint and fabric. Trust me, they were not at all attractive in their former state.

wall mount lamp for beside the bed by chapter37

Seriously, if you have some sort of salvage store in your area, they are completely worth checking out. Mine carries a wide assortment of random things, and I usually check in to see what’s new every four weeks or so. You won’t find a better place for getting things like randomly sized wood boards, trim, doors, or windows. Sometimes I get lucky, and find some great home decor fabric that’s ridiculously inexpensive compared to what you’ll find at a fabric store. It’s a great place, as long as you don’t mind a little bit of an adventure while you shop! That pretty much describes any of my excursions into public life, come to think of it. Some people just have an unfortunate knack for such things, you know?

 Ecclesiastes 4:6   Better is an handful with quietness, than both the hands full with travail and vexation of spirit.

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5 Responses to Shopping in unexpected places

  1. Vel says:

    How I wish there was a salvage yard close to where I live, your rod and the hold-ups looks fabulous Abby!

  2. Marianne L says:

    Hi, Abby. I found your post on Work It Wednesday and I love what you’ve done with your salvaged materials, especially the wall lamps! I’m now following you with bloglovin’. Please stop by and say hello,

  3. Trisha says:

    Hi Abby: I’m jealous we don’t have a place like that around here – we have a lot of thrift stores but the owners seem to think they are selling brand new products!! Even the Habitat for Humanity!! What kind of shop do you own?

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