Scrap wood picture frame

how to make a scrap wood picture frame

Picture frame making wasn’t really on my agenda for the day. I was minding my own business mopping floors, when I noticed how dusty my piano looked…naturally, the picture above the piano then caught my attention…and it’s horrid frame which has been bugging me for weeks…and well, you know, you can’t walk on floors when they are wet anyway. It only makes sense to step outside and make a picture frame while they are drying. Wouldn’t you agree?

How to fake a painting

This was the frame that was bothering me tremendously. Ever since I preformed mod-podge magic on it to make it look like a painting, I’ve been itching to do something about the frame. Hanging on to every ratty piece of scrap wood I can get my hands on does have it’s advantages sometimes…namely when random desires for decor I can’t afford strikes.


(Just in case you wondering, I’m not in the habit of spray painting the side of my house…that is what happens when you spray paint in front of small children and they are suddenly taken with the fit to “be like mommy” and try it for themselves. Eh, there’s worse things that could happen I suppose.) At any rate, this frame certainly isn’t tricky to build, if you can play legos, you can make a frame.

I cut the boards to size, banged out all the rusty nails and sanded them, and then stained them. To put them together I put a thin line of wood glue before pressing the short piece to the long edge. I screwed “L” brackets in the corners to secure the frame. (Mine came in a pack of four for about $3.50)

how to make an industrial style picture frame

I popped my picture out of it’s original frame and laid it face down on the back of the new frame. I then stapled around the edges to secure the picture to the frame.


Pretty easy for a nice chunky frame. I didn’t fill in the old nail holes, or smooth out the dings, I think the salvaged wood look goes with the picture itself just nicely.

how to make a rustic wood frame from salvaged wood

Incidentally, I pulled those boards out of a different room in this house. I always feel sort of satisfied when I can reuse the old wood somewhere else in the house in a new way.


I still plan to paint the piano at some point…it seems though, I have bigger fish to fry for the time being. I’ve given myself a stern lecture about painting anything else before I get the master bedroom done. Not counting small things like frames of course…let’s not get too serious here!

how to make a picture frame from scrap wood

So there is my $3.50 upgrade to my junk store picture. Marvelous what screws and wood stain can accomplish, isn’t it?

Isaiah 25:1   O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

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6 Responses to Scrap wood picture frame

  1. Love the frame and I adore the picture too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beverley Leonie says:

    Charmed. Nice job; thanks for posting. So easy. The new frame does justice to the picture. I had been meaning to do this since I have beaucoup scrap wood, stain, “L” brackets and paintings to boot. You have motivated me. I will be spraying my brackets with Rustoleum Rubbed Bronze as my preference would be for a somewhat rustic look. Or I may try the vinegar mixed with sea salt concoction hopefully to add the patina I am seeking.

  3. Val says:

    Hi Abby,

    Nice to meet a fellow scrap junkie! Your frame is the perfect complement to the picture. Nice touch with the brackets, too!


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  5. Timothy says:

    Nice frame…but please don’t paint that beautiful piano!

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