Room Remodels



Girl’s Bedroom

Guest Room 



Dining Room

Dining Room

painted staircase




a creative space room renovation

Work Room

3 Responses to Room Remodels

  1. DEE says:

    I really liked how you still kept some of the original knotty pine in the sunroom simply because you like it, but then you added some cream tones to bring the room into 2014 …..well done!…. I recently did this to my kitchen which was 99% knotty pine wood except the ceiling…..I like the warmth & coziness of knotty pine but too much can look quite dated. I’m currently making drapes to compliment the knotty pine w/our new painted cabinets in which we added moulding to doors— once completed, I’m going to post on Pinterest……Thanks for the pics of encouragement & being bold enough to keep some of the knotty pine simply because its what YOU like!

  2. maryann says:

    Love how you brightened up the rooms by painting just enough wood, and kept some for character. Been wanting to do that to mine but felt overwhelmed. Finished product looks great! Now I’m motivated.

  3. Rachelle says:

    OMG! I have been thru blog after blog over the past year looking for ideas for my 100 year old mountain home. I see a ton of great ideas, but most of them are in builder grade track homes and they are so hard for me to vision in my own home. You before photos looks exactly like my home does! And you give me the courage and hope that I can turn it into something I love!

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