Remembering 9/11

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I’m just going to skip talking about paint and fabric for a minute, if that’s OK with you. I want to talk about us, Americans. Do you know what today is? It’s September 11. Today is the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attack on our country, and the one year anniversary of the attack on our U.S consulate in Benghazi. Twelve years ago, I was still in high school, and I remember clearly that day. Do you remember it? I remember flags flying on cars, in yards, in windows, and on walls. For a few short weeks, it was OK even trendy to talk about God, to pray in public, to say “God bless America”, to admit we had a crises and hurt which God Himself would have to heal. Nobody screamed about separation of church and state, nobody claimed insult over flags. For once we all understood, evil is real, and evil is terrible.



And then…we forgot all about that. Today we are not only ordered to leave God out the national discussion, we are urged to support those who perpetrated these awful deeds. There’s a funny thing about words, if a lie is repeated long enough, loud enough, and by enough people, it will soon be accepted as truth. Even a truth, half told, is a lie. History has a way of being changed, one false statement at a time. You and I have a choice, we can participate, or we can make sure truth is preserved.



There is no unwritten rule of mankind which states America is free and will always be so. Freedom has only come a dear cost, and it will only remain with more of the same. Freedom is if friend to truth, they are brothers. When our ability to recognize truth, to speak truth is gone, so will be our freedom. You and I have a duty to know it, to learn it, and to teach it to our kids. We have a duty to remember.

A flag made of sticks to hang on front door is a cute craft project for July 4th.


Have your kids ever heard about where you were on 9/11? Do they know why it happened? Sit them down. Bore them to tears, if you have to…but tell them. You, dear friend, and I, have a voice, and it’s high time we learned to use it.

Proverbs 12:17   He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness:

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4 Responses to Remembering 9/11

  1. Erin says:

    Amen! I remember that awful day so very clearly. Time to gather my little audience.

  2. kathy says:

    A sad day in the history of the US and for the world. Senseless tragedies. May we never forget.

  3. Joanie says:

    I enjoyed reading your message! I went to the post office today and the flag was at half mast! At first I wondered why and then I remembered today was 911. You are so correct how soon all forgot the God piece, the one who offers truth in His written word. Thanks for taking time to write your message!

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