How to make painted crochet jewelry

You might have noticed the lack of a Tuesday post…I just completed a 22 hr road trip driving solo with two small children over the weekend, and I’m not sure I was qualified to construct a coherent sentence yesterday worth reading… unless of course you’d want to read all 15 verses of  The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round which will be stuck in my head for the next year at least. We arrived home all in one piece and still fairly good friends, so I consider the trip a success.

how to make crochet jewelry chapter37

Last week, we knocked about some ideas for organizing jewelry….well, suppose your cute new jewelry organizer looks a tad sparse? We can’t have that, now can we?! Of course, if you’ve gotten groceries or filled your car with gas in the last week, your wallet might look equally as sparse. Here’s a simple way to make yourself some inexpensive jewelry that is just as pretty and unique as you are. (Although if your name is Ben Bernanke you can fix the wallet problem by just printing out some more money…so really, either problem can be fixed by some splendid DIY imagination!)

how to make earring chapter37

To begin, you need a bit of paint (no matter what kind), and some mini crochet doilies. I bought mine from an Etsy seller, but you can also find them at craft stores or thrift stores. If you had an old table cloth or some such thing, you can also cut them out of that.

painted crochet jewelry chapter37

Lay your crochet pieces out on some paper or cardboard, and saturate them with paint on both sides.

painted crochet jewelry chapter37

If enough paint has been applied, the crochet will dry quite stiff…which is exactly what we want it to do!

painted crochet jewelry chapter37

You can use the parts off of necklaces and earrings you already have, or use new parts to create anything you want from these. I used a pendent, jump ring, and chain to create necklaces.

how to make a crochet necklace chapter37

I didn’t stick to painting with one color either. Make them as fresh and interesting as you like, using a thin paint brush. Coat the finished paint job with a sealer to make the crochet stiff. Use a jump ring and earring fishhooks to create earrings.

painted crochet earrings chapter37

Metallic paint is nice to use as well, it adds a tint of a shimmer.

painted crochet earrings chapter37

These are all available in my shop HERE.

black and white crochet necklace chapter37

I could get quite carried away with this project, there are so many beautiful colors to mix and match together. I’m sure I’ll be adding more of these to the shop as time permits, just because I have such great fun making them!

 painted crochet earrings chapter37

Really, I think I’m just on a mission to erase the notion that doilies are solely the decor of the ancient. I think crochet is beautiful and can be quite modern. Please do share your opinion on the matter…

Psalms 19:7   The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. 

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5 Responses to How to make painted crochet jewelry

  1. What a cute idea, Abby! I just started crocheting and I love crocheting in the round (for whatever reason it is impossible for me to crochet in a straight line). I will have to look into painting some of my creations!

  2. Maya says:

    This is fabulous! I just browsed through your shop and must say all your crochet pieces are gorgeous!

  3. I hadn’t ever thought about painting crochet. So cute!

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