Make your boots look better for longer

Everyone has a weakness somewhere. Mine is shoes. And coffee. And chocolate. But mostly shoes. For living in a fairly warm climate, I have an astonishing collection of boots. You never know, a blizzard may hit and I would so hate to not be prepared.  I’m attempting to have some self discipline this year and refrain from purchasing new boots. (Or at least not more than one pair…sheesh lets not get too dramatic here! Since when did K-mart start carrying ridiculously cute boots for so cheap? I. am. a fan.) Turns out new boots are cheaper than cheap if you just clean up the ones you have. Now there’s a thought.

how to polish boots by chapter37

It’s really easy to polish up an older pair of boots to get some more mileage out of them. All you need is your boots, a can of boot polish in a color to match, a rag, and a soft bristle brush. Rub the rag in the polish, and wipe it on the boot in a circular fashion. Once the color has been applied in an even manner, buff it thoroughly with the soft brush. The more you buff it, the shinier it will be.

This pair wasn’t too bad…just a few scuffs at the toes and the color was getting really flat.

boot care by chapter37

This pair however, had seen better days. Turns out I’m not the neatest DIYer in the world, who knew? More than a few paint and stain splatters had found their little way to my boots. And then there’s all the scuffs from spending hours chiseling out parquet floors and accidentally hitting my foot with the crowbar multiple times instead of the floor. They deserve something, if only because they kept me from breaking my own foot!

how to remove paint from boots by chapter37

These boots took a little more elbow grease to clean up, because of all the paint on them. I used this product, which is amazing at removing all sorts of spots and stains. I got mine from Hobby Lobby, but I’ve seen it other places too. (I do mean it’s amazing. I had a shirt the other day that got mixed up with a pen in the dryer…not pretty. I got quarter size ink spots out of that shirt with this stuff!)

how to get stains off of boots chapter37

I doused the paint spots with that stuff, then rubbed them with steal wool. Just try not to dig into the skin of the boot, steal wool can really do some damage if you use it too hard. Then I wiped down the boot with a soapy wet rag and let it dry over night. After it was thoroughly dry, I used boot polish on it just as is explained above, fading the color up to the top. The spots from the wood stain splatters never came out, but the darker polish helped blend them in pretty well. You can really see what a difference it made here.

cleaning cowboy boots by chapter37

They aren’t perfect, but they are certainly more sociably acceptable now. Do you have a pair of boots that look a little sad?

boot care2

Psalms 40:2   He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. 

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Wow, I use “Grandma’s” all the time, but I never thought about using it on anything besides clothes! Thanks for the hint on the boots, and I guess other leather ~ coats, gloves, bags, and more … ?! Thx, Abby!

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