Give a sister a leg up

Every now and then, I’ll take my two favorite little people to some sort of chicken nugget/ indoor play place providing establishment for a lunch out. The chance to eat their favorite food and to climb like monkeys with other kids is pretty much all two little girls need to make them deliriously happy. Who am I kidding? Skipping out on the lunch mess and the few moments of peace and quiet on the opposite side of the sound proof glass, with only the occasional wave or thumbs up required, makes me deliriously happy too! Sitting there idly scrolling through my phone, I watched little sister furiously pumping her chubby little legs, madly trying to shove herself up the ladder which was made for slightly taller children. Big sister came careening around the corner to her rescue. With a massive bear hug, much tugging, and a mighty heave she managed to hoist her squirming little sister up to the next level. Up one, then the next, then the next, until with giggles and shrieks they disappeared into the maze at the top. Seconds later the two pairs of little white socks shot out of the slide, tumbling like puppies onto the mat, and then they were off to do it all over again.

I had to smile. That little display of teamwork touched my mommy heart. It’s one of my greatest goals to teach those two little girls to be each other’s biggest champions. If sister needs a hand, you help. If sister is sad, you be kind. If you’ve hurt sister, you say I’m sorry. Why? Because if sisters can learn to treat each other with respect and love…they will treat their little friends the same way. I’ve heard many little girl tales of “so and so” doesn’t want to be my friend at school and “so and so” said this or that….well that’s OK, little Missy. You just go find someone who needs a friend. You go be a friend to someone else who’s lonely. Learn this lesson now, learn it when you are four…you’ll be so much happier. What’s more, you’ll learn to be a leader.

Such a simple little lesson…to be a “sister”. A lesson we mommies could stand to learn ourselves sometimes. It’s a pretty easy thing to help another out, it takes very little… and yet we often don’t take the time. A smile, an encouraging word, a “hey, I’ve been there too, you’ll make it”, just a quick hug…it may mean the difference of that sister making it up her ladder, or giving up. I’ve never met a sister who didn’t need a leg up now and then. Have you?

Galatians 6:2   Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

P.S. This is our day on the blog to refocus. You can find more Refocus Challenge posts HERE.

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One Response to Give a sister a leg up

  1. Mary says:

    Love this. Thank you for sharing! I am so thankful for the sisters in my life- my flesh and blood ones and the eternal ones!

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