Fly. Feather Print on Burlap Art

A rush of air, the beat of wings, a flurry of feathers, the distant raspy calls of the flock winging it’s way into the sky… I can see it, I can hear it in my mind. There’s power in those delicate little feathers. There is inspiration in them. Beat the odds. Defy gravity. Fly.

Feather Print Burlap Art by chapter37

This is the art I chose to make for the little girls’ art corner. This is what I want my little chicks to learn. Ignore the voice that says “I can’t”. Ignore the excuses. Ignore what everyone else is doing. Just fly. Soar high, do the best you can, beat those wings.

feather print burlap art chapter37

This piece of wall art is super simple to make. Start with a piece of burlap cut to whatever size you want.

how to make feather print burlap art chapter37

Grab some paint, a brush, and a cheap feather you don’t mind ruining.

how to make feather print art chapter37

Paint one side of the feather generously.

how to make feather print art chapter37

Lay it on the burlap, and press the feather evenly all over with your fingers. It will make an uneven imprint of the feather.

how to make feather print burlap art chapter37

I used a stencil to paint the word “fly” on the bottom. To finish it off, you’ll need a piece of wooden dowel. A piece of yard stick or other light wood would work just as well. Paint it if you wish, and then staple it to the top and bottom of the burlap.

how to make burlap wall art chapter37

Lastly, use a piece of knotted jute to staple to the sides of the top dowel to hang the art.

how to make burlap wall art chapter37

The only thing I had to purchase was the feather (which came in a pack of six), making the total cost for the project $1.40. I won’t be complaining about that anytime soon! Since this art corner is in the guest room, I wanted art that would be appropriate for kids and for adults. (Read more about the art corner HERE.)

feather print burlap art chapter37

As random and eclectic as this room has turned out to be, this unique little piece of burlap art fits right in! Stick around for the full details on the finished room coming soon!

Isaiah 40:31   But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

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