Feather my nest – 3 ways to use feathers

3 ways to use feathers chapter37

If you follow me on pinterest, you may notice I get on “pinning kicks”…which usually is a good hint that a post on that subject is sure to follow! Do you know why I love feathers so much? They are an oxymoron of nature…delicate but fierce, fragile but wild, simple but intricately beautiful. I think they illustrate superbly what a magnificent artist God is. I love to decorate with them, I love to wear them, I love to look at them. Have a look at a few ways you can use feathers… (click on the pictures for the source.)

1. Use them as Art. Feathers inspire my imagination, and I love art that incorporates imaginative things.

Feather Pattern Study Vol. 1

Feathers 2 Canvas

feather art.  blog.chapterthirtyseven.com

2. Use them as Home Decor. Use actual feathers to add instant dimension, texture and interest to your home.

eclectic display. love the feathers

Feather chandy

Sophia's: Past Autumns and an Update

could frame them as well. feathers on a wall

3. Wear them. Feather print fabric or feather jewelry, it’s all beautiful.

feather print

Arced Feather Bracelet     #anthropologie

Yellow and grey feather print scarf by chapter37

Brown leather feather necklace boho necklace

how to make crochet jewelry chapter37

Feathers just seem to have a story about them. What have they seen? Where did they come from? Things like feathers are the stuff imagination is made from.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I were you to see some sort future feather related projects popping up around here. I am in the middle of another room re-do after all!  Speaking of which, the last two walls should be getting their last coats of paint today. I need to paint the ceiling and the door…then the real fun begins to get it all gussied up and styled. Lots of good stuff in the works, and I can’t wait to get to it all!

Psalms 36:7   How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. 

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One Response to Feather my nest – 3 ways to use feathers

  1. Thistle says:

    Love all the feather inspiration! I was just talking with a friend today about feather decorating for the holidays!

    Happy day to you!

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