Faux Leather Table Top with Nail Head Trim

This little table was totally in the non-cool crowd at school. It probably had to wear hand-me-downs and eat cheese sandwiches for lunch. It’s ok table, I get it. I can bounce a basketball off my forehead like nobody’s business, not to mention my amazing ability to trip over nothing and go sprawling.

cheap table make over by chapter37

The really good thing about “awkwardly boring” is…that it can always be fixed.

faux leather tabletop with nail head trim by chapter37

You can buy these little tables at Walmart for $5. I got this one at a thrift store for $3. A two dollar savings is still two dollars thank-you-very-much…and by the way, I see them all the time marked up higher at thrift stores than if you bought them brand new. Beware, thrift stores are duplicitous places.

These little tables have screw on wooden legs, and the top is fiber board…super cheap and really ugly. If you paint it, it’s still going to look like fiber board (I did spray pain the legs)… this is one time where paint actually isn’t a good solution. The next best thing is to hide it’s existence altogether.

faux leather table top how to by chapter37

I used some white vinyl I had on hand to create a nice leather-like top. Pretend your recovering a chair and the steps are all the same, minus the stuffing of course. (Mmmm stuffing. Yummy. It’s almost Thanksgiving, people! Eek!) Back to the subject, cut the vinyl around the shape, and then staple your heart out.

how to make a faux leather table top by chapter37

Add some fancy to your handiwork with “nail-head trim”…otherwise known as common thumbtacks. Thumbtacks are just as nice looking, and way cheaper than nail head trim…and for most things you can get away with it without anybody knowing. That’s top secret stuff so keep it under your hat.

using thumbtacks instead of nail head trim chapter37

Tap the tacks in around the edges, and give yourself an extra pat on the back if you managed to make a perfectly straight line. I did not. Us un-cool peeps have a hard time with things like straight lines.

faux leather table top with nail head trim by chapter37

Pretty sure this little ugly duckling has sprouted its new feathers as fashionably as the heart could wish.

faux leather table top with nail head trim by chapter37

And, as it happens, the faux leather top also makes a remarkably amazing white background with nice natural light for shop pictures. I just listed several new necklaces in the shop yesterday, and I’m fairly tickled to death with my handy new photo spot.

necklace by shop.chapterthirtyseven.com

Whoever could have guessed a $3 purchase could turn out quite so handy?!

1 Samuel 12:24   Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.

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3 Responses to Faux Leather Table Top with Nail Head Trim

  1. Love your little table. I’m in need of a small table so I may have to run into Walmart soon:)

  2. That table isn’t sitting at the uncool table at lunch anymore! Nicely done! (And, don’t worry, the thumb tack secret is safe with me) ;)

  3. Kate says:

    This is such a great idea! I love that you used vinyl instead of leather and tacks instead of expensive tack trim! You turned a cheap little table into a really nice looking one! Thanks for the idea!

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