Fall Sweater Refashion – Make a long sweater from a short shirt

I’m a total baby about two things. One, being cold. Two, going to the dentist. Both make me shiver, both cause unnatural numbness, both cause exorbitant amounts of whining. I’m sure you can see the connection.

Fall Sweater Refashion by chapter37

I just spent the afternoon hanging out with my dentist (who is currently getting way more of my home renovation money than my home…but we won’t talk about that or sever depression may ensue). I had three people’s hands in my mouth at one timethree. Seriously?! I knew I had a big mouth, but that right there is over kill, not to mention going to give me sore jaws for the next week at least.

collard shirt and sweater refashion chapter37

At minimum, if I’m going to die of hypothermia I can look cute doing it, unlike death by dental work where you’ll look like a python attempting a snack of a large elephant as you gasp your last breath. I’m not whining, I’m simply pointing out that fashion is important when facing the perils of life…but, since we are on the subject of whining…why can’t I ever find shirts long enough for tall people like me?! I love layered looks, I do!  I can hardly ever pull them off though, because I can’t find anything long enough to use as the base layer! I have an abundance of short shirts, because for some reason, I guess I think they’ll magically add inches if I buy them and take them home with me??? Well no more of that ladies! The light bulb has been lit, and this tall girl has finally found a way to cheat the short shirt making system.

button down shirt and sweater refashion by chapter37

This is not really a tutorial since there was more seam ripping in this little adventure than I’ve done in the entire last year of sewing….it’s more of a “general suggestion” post. First you need two shirts you are willing to sacrifice. Lay them out to get a general idea of how much of the under shirt you want to show, and where.

how to refashion a button down shirt and a sweater chapter37

Next, whip out your swanky scissors and get to chopping. Be generous, you’ll have to sew this thing so that means leave room for seam allowances. The sweater will stretch a whole lot so take that into account too. Use your sweater, or top shirt, to help you draw the right line for the neck.

sweater and button down shirt refashion chapter37

Use lots of pins to get the pieces into your sweater correctly. Use a narrow, long zigzag stitch if your top shirt is a knit (stretchy) fabric. My under shirt was considerably smaller than my stretchy sweater, which caused some interesting challenges. I added two gussets on the side seams of the plaid shirt to add width to it. I also did not completely sew the bottom of the plaid shirt to the sweater. I didn’t want it to pull unnaturally, so it’s just tacked down every five inches or so. I tried to circle the tacked spot in this picture, but it’s still really difficult to see.

winter refashion by chapter37

My best refashion tips for any project are…try it on at every step to see what needs to be fixed, work with the fabric not against it, cut larger than you think you need, and keep your seam ripper handy! Sometimes you have to do weird things (like gussets in the side seam!) during a refashion to make it work…it’s ok! Just roll with it!

button down shirt and sweater refashion chapter37

I don’t think this shirt would fool a sewing pro for a second…but, how many times have I met a sewing pro in real life?…hmm can’t say I’m worried about it. I totally fooled my Mister, who was then puzzled why I wouldn’t just wear both shirts instead of sewing them. Sigh. Now there’s an idea. Bless his heart. Don’t think I won’t be doing this again. I will be, and you’ll be the first to know. Now, if we could just work out some sort of fashion to help with the dentist problem…maybe a cute sound proof shroud so I can neither see nor hear the horrifying instruments being shoved into my mouth for starters…

1 Peter 3:12   For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers:

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3 Responses to Fall Sweater Refashion – Make a long sweater from a short shirt

  1. Becca says:

    Great idea! I’ll layer a long shirt underneath a short shirt but I never thought to cut one up and combine two short shirts. My arms must be abnormally long because I’m always having this issue. 🙁 Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday’s Five Features this week and link up this post (and others)! http://diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com

  2. erin says:

    It’s such a good idea. Love the end result! I will have to keep this in mind, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This is sooo smart.
    I have so many sweaters that seem to have shrunk up in length but not width.. this is the perfect answer. You can buy those ‘fake’ layered shirts.. i dont’ know what it didn’t dawn on me to make my own!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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