Easy Handmade Gift – Headband Tutorial

how to make a headband by chapter37

Sometimes the funnest gifts to get are the little ones, those little stocking stuffers or the extra little something tied on top of the bigger gift. Headbands make a fast gift to make, and fun one to get. Pair a few headbands together with a cute set of earrings, and bam! A present to make any gal smile all year long.

All you need to make your own is some strips of trim, ribbon, jewelry chain, lace, fabric strips…pretty much you name it can make a great headband. I make the headbands in my shop on the large side, specifically for a woman’s head. I really dislike headbands that give me a headache, so that’s another reason I make them on the larger side. You’ll have to decide how big you want yours. I cut my strips 18 inches long. For thin trims, I like to double the strands on one headband.

headband tutorial by chapter37

Notice, the gold braid trim above has tape wrapped around the ends. Some trims like to unravel the second you look at them. An easy way to keep from aggravating yourself have to death, is to wrap the spot you plan to cut with a small strip of tape before you cut. Cut through the tape and just leave it. It will be all covered up nicely in the next step.

Now you need to cut small strips of grosgrain ribbon, about 2 inches long.

headband tutorial by chapter37

And you’ll also need five inch long strips of quarter inch elastic.

headband tutorial by chapter37

Take the ends of the headband trim and lay it on the end of a piece of elastic. Place the end of the ribbon directly under.

how to make a headband chapter37

Wrap the ribbon once around so all the ends are neatly encased.

how to make a headband chapter37

Sew a zigzag stitch down the wrapped section. Trim off the excess ribbon.

how to make a headband by chapter37

Do the exact same thing to other end, completing your headband. Lastly, treat the ribbon edges that you trimmed with fray check to keep them nice and neat.

how to make a headband chapter37

That’s all there is to that, how easy right?! You can totally check someone off your Christmas list by whipping out a few of these. (If I were using chain, I would cut ten inches of elastic, loop it through the ends of the chain, and the sew the two ends of elastic together in the center wrapped with ribbon as shown above.)

ch37 Headbands

You can easily make these smaller for a child’s head just by shortening the length of the trim you cut. My girlies love them, so don’t forget the little people on your list!

Christmas is such fun, but oh so busy!…Have you noticed?? I’m ready to hit the couch with some coco and call it done with my “to do’s”. Almost there!

James 4:6   But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. 

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One Response to Easy Handmade Gift – Headband Tutorial

  1. shannah says:

    Ugh… I wish I would have read this post yesterday. Spent way to much money on headbands that aren’t even that cute… why oh why (and me a crafter) did I not think to make one… that will be today’s project along with a long sleeve strapless lace top. Sounds complicated but literally so easy! I’m like you and don’t go by patterns.
    Praying for your baby!

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