Easing into Spring

I have the most baffling problem, I am still sweeping up pine needles when I sweep my floors! Honestly, I think the floor is growing them to taunt me. It’s not like I haven’t ever cleaned since Christmas…the amount of sweeping and mopping that goes on this house is ridiculous. So why, why am I still finding pine needles?!! Seriously, I think it’s time we moved on to more respectable variety of Christmas tree next year. As in, the fake kind that doesn’t shed for two months post removal. This rant has a point by the way. The point is. I’m finally moving past my post-Christmas fit of non-decorating.

subtle spring decorating

 I always turn into a minimalist after the Christmas season. I like clean surfaces, and the least amount of clutter I can reasonably enforce without making everyone around me miserable. But, hey! It’s almost Spring! It’s time to think green, and flowers, and bright sunny days….and for once the weather almost seems to be agreeing with my sentiments. Imagine that!

simple mantle decor

To start easing the house into a lighter look for Spring, I started with a few touches of green. This huge canvas I found for $10 at TJ Max. It fits my living room just nicely with my piles of books and clocks everywhere, and it has just the hints of green I needed. I added some thrift store brass candle sticks and two corbel style curtain rod brackets. I always snag corbels or brackets of any kind when I see them in rummage stores because there is so many good uses for them. Flip them upside down and they make fabulous book ends!

small Spring touches on entry table

Next I dropped a very simple Spring like basket at the entry table by my front door. My neighbor found the nest and gave it to me…I love my neighbors. They’ve learned I have an affinity for cast offs and are always happy to provide me with them. A fake egg, and some flowers were easy fillers to complete the look.

bright green entry rug with black and white decor

Lastly, I added a healthy punch of color to the entry with this happy green rug I found at Walmart. The previous rug needed replacing due to a some person, which shall not be named, dribbling blueberry pie juice all over it.  I think people who sneak pie for breakfast should at least not ruin rugs with the said pie…but since the culprit is rather handsome and handy to have around, I’ll forgive the offense.  I love this rug so much I think I may need a green rug in every room! It just works really well with all the blacks and whites I have going on in the house. I think I’ll update my couch pillows next, I’m on a roll now!  Just a touch of green really goes a long way to making a room feel brighter and fresher. Are you feeling Spring in the air around your place?

Psalms 48:1   Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised…

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4 Responses to Easing into Spring

  1. melissa says:

    i love that rug. I hate walmart and i might actually have to go there to buy that darn rug.

    • Abby says:

      Lol! I hate Walmart too, but it’s two minutes from my house so I still end up going in there a bunch. This rug was in a bin in one of the center aisles…not with the regular rugs. Hope you cna find it, it’s great! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mary says:

    Cute! I like the canvas of the clock.

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