Change of plans


Are you a planer? I am, I plan everything. I have my whole day mapped out in my head within five minutes of waking up. I’m in the right turning lane 3 miles before my turn. I’m scanning out the best exit to the parking lot as I’m pulling into it. I’ve got my stuff in my truck the night before I’ve got to be somewhere the next day. Should I point out that I don’t do spontaneity very well? It irks me to have things crop up that I didn’t plan. Makes me downright annoyed.

The problem with my plan loving self…life just doesn’t stick with the plan most of the time. Have you noticed?? That means one of two things. It means I’m going to spend most of my life in a bad mood, because stuff happened that was not in my self-engineered plan. Or it means, at some point I have to choose to let go of my plan, and trust that God has got a bigger, greater, and much better plan than mine. God’s plan often includes things that I don’t like…much like my plan for my children includes things they don’t like. Things we don’t like are the things that, most of the time, do us the most good. No one gets into shape physically by laying around munching ice cream…similarly, no one is going to get into shape spiritually or mentally by having the easiest and best of life 100% of the time.

Without those irksome changes of my agenda, I would never know how perfectly God provides, how strong His love is, and how secure I am in His care. What’s more, sometimes I’ll even come to realize life isn’t all about me. Sometimes God allows a change of plan for the benefit of someone else around me. They may need to learn something from watching the situation, and God may have trusted me enough to show it to them. That’s a privilege and a great opportunity!

The new year is right around the corner, and along with it all of my plans for the year. I believe I’ll be ditching a few of them, and leave it up to God to fill in the blanks. So much less stressful that way, don’t you think?

Psalms 32:8   I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye

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