Art is in the eye of the beholder


Did you know a story doesn’t have to be written down in words? Things tell stories, pictures tell stories, styles tell stories, your house even tells a story to anyone who walks inside. I’m a random decorator, I’ll admit that with no question. I have every style from shabby chic, to farmhouse, to modern, to Victorian mixed all up in every room…but everything has one thing in common. It’s all telling a story…of past times, of classic tales, of good memories, of adventure, of history, of humor. A reader noticed in my kitchen remodel post the pictures that hang under my cabinets, and asked about them. They are prints of water color paintings of fishing villages in England. They are nothing but cork placements I found at a thrift store, and stuck on the wall with sticky strips. Certainly nothing fancy. Certainly not art. I don’t mind a bit really. … Continue reading

How to turn an old window into a mirror

how to turn an old window into a mirror

Good Monday morning to you! It’s a big week ahead with cooking and cleaning and hostessing and days off of work and kids home from school (eek!) and enormous amounts of calorie laden food sitting about. Aghhh don’t you just love the holidays? I most emphatically do. This will be a short week on the blog, because I plan to…A.) watch Christmas movies by a crackling fire, and make marshmallow snowman and blanket forts with the girlies and B.) make good use of the mister being off work to knock out some of our long list of home related projects. Fun! So, before I swing off to the hardware store to visit my favorite paint mixing lady…let me share this fabulous little project you can do with an old window. Old windows are very easy to come by at flee markets, salvage yards, Habitat for Humanity Restores, and Craigslist. I paid … Continue reading

Shopping in unexpected places

wood curtain rod by chapter37

Not everything in life always falls neatly into the land of normal. Mostly, I think “normal” changes by the day. If you have kids for instance, saying things like “Keep your fingers out of sister’s ears” and “Don’t lick the floor” becomes pretty normal. (Really?? Did I ever think that would ever even be something I needed to clarify? No, I did not.) And then there’s the whole matter of curtain rod shopping. Because, obviously, one can’t simply do the easy thing, and run out to Walmart for one. That would be entirely too normal. I prefer stellar looking establishments such as this, where death by a stair parts avalanche is a distinct possibility. If you happen to be so foolish as to bring your overly energetic offspring with you, be prepared to keep a death grip on them, and endure gracefully any odd glances you might receive. Apparently mothers … Continue reading

Signs of the times with old cabinet doors

Cabinet Door Christmas Sign

Oh dear. We are back at it again with a cabinet door project. What is it with old doors, I just can not leave them alone. Solid wood planks with interesting details, pretty old hardware, and price tags cheaper than a salted caramel mocha frappuccina without the salt…sigh…just dreamy. Such possibilities. Perhaps even more possibilities than the amount of leaves currently laying in my yard waiting to be raked. Which is saying a great deal about these doors… …never mind my yard keeping skills. I just figured I had better make sure that all those leaves were completely off the trees before I bothered with them. Because, you know, I hate to waste labor and all that. If my house disappears from view, at least I’ll know it was all worth it to have some decent cabinet door decor going on for Christmas. Know what I mean? Priorities people. it’s … Continue reading

Fly. Feather Print on Burlap Art

feather print burlap art chapter37

A rush of air, the beat of wings, a flurry of feathers, the distant raspy calls of the flock winging it’s way into the sky… I can see it, I can hear it in my mind. There’s power in those delicate little feathers. There is inspiration in them. Beat the odds. Defy gravity. Fly. This is the art I chose to make for the little girls’ art corner. This is what I want my little chicks to learn. Ignore the voice that says “I can’t”. Ignore the excuses. Ignore what everyone else is doing. Just fly. Soar high, do the best you can, beat those wings. This piece of wall art is super simple to make. Start with a piece of burlap cut to whatever size you want. Grab some paint, a brush, and a cheap feather you don’t mind ruining. Paint one side of the feather generously. Lay it … Continue reading

Color outside the lines – Cabinet doors to wall shelves

Wall shelves from cabinet doors

I can give you three good reasons why you should never throw away wood cabinet doors. Here they are…one, two and three… Are you convinced?  What if I said I only spent a total of $8 for the entire art nook pictured here? Wood is wood, whether it starts out pretty or not! I hung on to every bit of the stuff we pulled out of the kitchen, knowing I would find something to do with it eventually. As it turns out, these cabinet doors were just exactly perfect for the art corner I’ve been working to finish in the guest room. I took off the hardware, filled in the holes, sanded, spray painted, screwed on brackets, and called it done! Not too shabby for old doors growing mold in the scrap pile! This little art spot for the girls, is coming along just nicely. It’s exactly what I pictured, simple, … Continue reading

How to fake a painting with modpodge

How to fake a painting

I have very random tastes as to what odd little thing I’ll fall in love with and drag home. Random yes, but also very specific. I appreciate a good story, and some things just look how a well written book reads. I found this large train print in a junk store, falling out of its frame and warped. I loved it. It immediately transported me to tales of the old west, the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and the summer I spent as a kid with an Uncle who lives in a place that looks just like this picture. I can taste the dust in the air, and feel the hot breeze in my face, can’t you? The only problem with my little find, it was dull and flat. The colors had faded a bit with age, and it needed something to freshen it up a bit. I decided to try a … Continue reading

2 Ways to make a bunting banner from vintage crochet doilies

Vintage Doily Bunting Two Ways

One of the funnest things about using vintage or “pre-loved” items in my home, is trying to imagine how to use the items in new, fresh, and modern ways. You might have already seen my past post about painted crochet jewelry…and today we’re talking crochet stuff again…hmm yes, this might end up being a reoccurring theme here. I can’t help it, vintage crochet is art work on a textile, what’s not to love? Bunting number one was made for my little girls’ room makeover. I used four mis-matched large crochet doilies that I found a thrift store, and random colors of spray paint I had on hand. ( I switched out the orange for pink later, as the orange looked too red.) I spray painted them thoroughly on both sides and strung them with jute. The paint makes them stiff, which I like. They hold their shape hanging, and can … Continue reading

The Entry’s Mini Fall Makeover and Peak at it’s Past

Fall entry decor chapter37

The entryway was the first “room” in this house to see the light of day…or rather, the light of white paint and a scrub brush. I started at the front door when I began painting, and worked my way around the down stairs by order of the rooms which received the most use. This is the first area to get redecorated for a season, and for some reason that just tickles me. If you are to the point in a house where you can re-decorate a space…well then, you are making mighty fine progress I’d say! I didn’t actually do all that much, just a touch of Fall here and there. I was inspired to do this pumpkin picture by a tutorial I saw an another blog…but I can’t find it now to save my life! Ugh! If I find it, I’ll add the link. (Edited 10/8: I found the tutorial! … Continue reading

The little crates that could

Crate shelves

This is the very first project I did for this house. Before a single bit of paint was on the walls, when red carpet was still a horrifying reality, when the musty stench of dust and rot hung in the air and clung to your clothes. While plumbers, electricians, AC guys, and various other pickup truck owning individuals were crawling all over the house running wire, installing things, and shouting good natured insults at one another, the little girls and I sat safely out of way in the sunshine, staining crates. While boots pounded up and down the stairs, and the grind of saws and drills shrieked through the air, I was having a fine time splashing stain on my jeans, and day dreaming about white walls, painted brick, pretty counter tops, and a work room full of delightful things with a pretty spot to sit, read and plan. I … Continue reading