Dear Senator, Please stop using my children as your excuse

Dear Senator, Thank you for your hard work and personal dedication serving our country. I am looking forward to the day when your voting record reflects the confidence you have in the courage of Americans, specifically women. I am writing to request one thing, please stop using my children as your excuse not to do this. Your recent failure to pass H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, was a tremendous disappointment to a great number of American women. I am a mom of four children, two of whom belong to America’s finest group of endangered species…babies who have had a very poor prenatal diagnosis. It is these medically complex situations that are often pointed to as one main reason, among others, that we continue to withhold legal protection for the smallest heartbeats of America’s future. By voting down this bill, you have told me, a women experienced in … Continue reading

Home Inspection

Back when we were in negotiations to buy this house, we had a lot of things to consider. One big concern we had was the integrity of the foundation. The home inspector seemed to think there might be something wrong with it based on a crack he had found. We made a deal with the seller to let us have the foundation looked at by a professional. We paid a hefty amount to have a structural engineer to come inspect the foundation and the structural integrity of the house. Oh yes, you can fix damaged foundations, but it would probably cost just as much to level the house and start over! I could paint walls, and install new appliances and floors to my heart’s content….but, what good would it be when the floors start to sag, the walls crack, and the roof starts leaking? A good foundation is rather massively … Continue reading

Easy gift idea, no crafty talent needed!

I really like to give gifts that have some sort of thought behind them. New stuff is great, but stuff is just “eh”…it looses its excitement (or breaks) pretty quickly. On the other hand, give something that’s personal, and now you have a keepsake that will keep giving a smile for many years to come. One example of a gift that falls perfectly into that category is a photo book! Next to chocolate, I don’t think there’s any more universally enjoyed thing than pictures. I recently used blurb to make the cutest little photo book ever, and it was ridiculously easy! It seriously only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish….which, with my disastrous track record of computer creations, that’s pretty near miraculous. You can get pictures from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, Picasa, etc, to use for your book…how fun would an Instagram one be?! … Continue reading

Reversible Tote Sewing Tutorial

Reversible Tote Sewing Tutorial

My Christmas mantle decorating has come to a screeching halt. I cannot find my ice skates. I bought a five dollar pair of white ice skates at a thrift store two years ago…last year all our belongings were in storage, and I couldn’t use them to decorate with…this year I can’t find them anywhere. In light of this catastrophic and dramatic turn of events, I have been sewing madly to sooth my troubles. Reversible tote sewing to be exact. What could be better than two bags in one? (Besides if you found my ice skates, naturally.) If you can sew a straight line, you can make these totes. Whip one out for yourself or for a gift, you just can never have too many bags.  At least I can’t. Since these are a basic shape, with no pockets, I chose a nice suede fabric for both layers. Either which way … Continue reading

7 Ways to Renew Your Bedroom – Guest Post

Today’s post is brought to you by Jessica from 4 Interior Design. Is your bedroom looking tired and slightly shabby? Do your spirits sink slightly when you glance around at the boring bed, dull bedside cabinet and dreary curtains? Are you aware of these things but feel that a bedroom upgrade will just cost too much so you are stuck with it? Well, think again! It is possible to brighten up and refresh a bedroom without needing to go to great expense or drama. 1. The Walls! If you have some paint leftover from other rooms, put it to good use by applying a nice clean coat of paint to your bedroom walls! Be daring and mix two colors together if you want something truly different, but do be careful to test the color on an unobtrusive bit of wall first! Leftover wallpaper can also be used to brighten up a bedroom by applying it … Continue reading