A Step in the Right Direction – The Great Staircase Transformation

The next time I open my big mouth and say that some such painting project will be quick and easy…someone, please, be a dear and kick me. Why I thought painting a million billion skinny spindles and keeping my kids dirty feet off stairs long enough for paint to dry was going to be easy or fast is quite beyond me. Although the actual work time was a tad disappointing (hmmm or down right depressing as the case may be), the outcome was anything but that! They turned out exactly how I wanted! I’m pretty much in love in with them. If you happened to read my original post about these stairs, you might have noticed I actually didn’t stick to my plan for this project. I was going to do something on the risers, like wood appliques or something along those lines to fancy them up a tad. I … Continue reading

Using a Paint Brush Extender

I completely understand that it’s Christmas…and I should be discussing how to make hand carved snowman from jello or something like that…but it’s completely necessary we take a moment to deliberate about painting. Because, if you know a person who enjoys hardware stores more than the mall…this is what you need to buy them for Christmas. Your welcome. This is a paint brush holder that screws onto an extension pole for painting high places. Exciting! So, say you have a stair case wall where you can’t put a ladder, or a peaked roof that’s too tall for your ladder, or you just have a dislike of ladders in general…this little gizmo gets you all the height you need. There’s a few different types out there, but the one I bought has three screws and a Velcro strap. The top screw goes through the hole in the paint brush handle, and the … Continue reading

Staircase – A series of steps or a piece of art?

My next painting project I plan to tackle is my staircase. It’s the first thing you see when you step through the front door, so I think it’s high time for it to receive some attention. Hmmm why yes, I am still in the middle of my guest room, and the living room still is unfinished with three pieces of furniture needing slip-covers, two pieces needing painting, and art needed for the wall…just never you mind about all that. We like to have big goals around here. I’ve had very specific plans for my staircase since the moment I laid eyes on it. Its narrow and dark, with a bit of a twist at the top…it’s quirky, creaky, and irregular…just my style. It’s my “story book” staircase. Our contractor told us the staircase would never pass current building codes, its too narrow and the stairs are too steep. I don’t … Continue reading