Easy Sweatshirt Refashion

So, let’s discuss…how was your Thanksgiving? Did the turkey brown properly and the pie set up like it should? Mine was a thankful one indeed, I completely escaped having to pretend like I know how to cook large fowls by acting as guest elsewhere. Friends are wonderful blessings indeed! Now, in light of the fact that we are all having to face the post holiday week ahead, I have just the thing to cheer you on your way. Cute clothes for way cheap is always a cheerful subject. Take these $5 sweatshirts I got this last week available at your friendly neighborhood super store for instance. Bland, boring, and obviously at a $5 fashion level…use a bit of persuasive power via the sewing machine, and voila! Five dollars has just landed you a cute new sweatshirt! Hmm why yes,  I could have actually ironed the thing at some point, but … Continue reading

Fall Sweater Refashion – Make a long sweater from a short shirt

I’m a total baby about two things. One, being cold. Two, going to the dentist. Both make me shiver, both cause unnatural numbness, both cause exorbitant amounts of whining. I’m sure you can see the connection. I just spent the afternoon hanging out with my dentist (who is currently getting way more of my home renovation money than my home…but we won’t talk about that or sever depression may ensue). I had three people’s hands in my mouth at one time…three. Seriously?! I knew I had a big mouth, but that right there is over kill, not to mention going to give me sore jaws for the next week at least. At minimum, if I’m going to die of hypothermia I can look cute doing it, unlike death by dental work where you’ll look like a python attempting a snack of a large elephant as you gasp your last breath. … Continue reading

Do as I say and not as I do – How to draw on your clothing

I made one tremendous mistake with this project…I let my four year old watch me do it. This will not end well I predict. After all, she saw, with her own eyes, her own mother drawing on a shirt…let the festivities begin. Anyone know how I can salvage all the laundry that will foreseeably be ruined by ink in the near future? I made this shirt a while ago (tutorial HERE), but I thought it looked rather bland and unpleasantly similar to a nursing scrub top. I became transfixed upon the idea of adding a print to it…and using a gold paint pen, I did just that. It began as tiny polka dots…and then my paint pen had a hiccup all over my shirt (don’t press down while your drawing!)…so random triangles became a necessity. I’m glad they did too, because the small dots are hardly visible from a distance. … Continue reading