Chalk paint talk and dresser painting


You know what will guarantee a remodel to take way longer than it should? Take a guess.  Budget? Labor? Earthquakes? Bug infestations? All very valid guesses. The answer is furniture. I would recommend to all persons anxious to spend staggering amounts of time working on a house, to not complicate matters by investing in copious amounts of homeless furniture that also needs to be re-done. Not that I would know. Because I totally follow my own advise. Always. See this dresser for instance, it’s not technically an investment because I got it for free. Poor little dear. I can’t say no to free furniture. It’s like turning away a puppy. Who has the heart to do that?? ( I can say that because my kids aren’t old enough to read this blog or kidnap stray animals. I reserve the right to change my opinions on puppies at a later date.) … Continue reading

A Step in the Right Direction – The Great Staircase Transformation


The next time I open my big mouth and say that some such painting project will be quick and easy…someone, please, be a dear and kick me. Why I thought painting a million billion skinny spindles and keeping my kids dirty feet off stairs long enough for paint to dry was going to be easy or fast is quite beyond me. Although the actual work time was a tad disappointing (hmmm or down right depressing as the case may be), the outcome was anything but that! They turned out exactly how I wanted! I’m pretty much in love in with them. If you happened to read my original post about these stairs, you might have noticed I actually didn’t stick to my plan for this project. I was going to do something on the risers, like wood appliques or something along those lines to fancy them up a tad. I … Continue reading

Using a Paint Brush Extender


I completely understand that it’s Christmas…and I should be discussing how to make hand carved snowman from jello or something like that…but it’s completely necessary we take a moment to deliberate about painting. Because, if you know a person who enjoys hardware stores more than the mall…this is what you need to buy them for Christmas. Your welcome. This is a paint brush holder that screws onto an extension pole for painting high places. Exciting! So, say you have a stair case wall where you can’t put a ladder, or a peaked roof that’s too tall for your ladder, or you just have a dislike of ladders in general…this little gizmo gets you all the height you need. There’s a few different types out there, but the one I bought has three screws and a Velcro strap. The top screw goes through the hole in the paint brush handle, and the … Continue reading

Everything you ever wanted to know about painting wood paneling

how to paint wood walls

  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about painting wood paneling lately. I figured it would probably be better to address all the questions in one post. This is a bit of an updated re-run from a post I did on my old blog about this, so sorry if this is old news to you readers who have been around for a while. First off, wood paneling is an entirely different beast than drywall. If you think you are going to knock it out in an afternoon, you are going to be sadly disappointed. Ask me how I know that. Just get it out of your head before you start, and all will be well with the world. Before you begin browsing the paint isle, you’ll have to have some bonding time with a rag and some TSP. Depending on how shellacked and dirty your walls are, you may … Continue reading

Updating the guest room’s fifth wall with color

painted ceiling chapter37

Do you know what the fifth wall in a room is? Of course you do, look up! Your ceiling is arguably the most looked at “wall” in a bedroom, and shouldn’t be overlooked when painting.  While color on the ceiling may not be your thing, even a fresh coat of just white may make more of a difference than you think. I personally enjoy a colored ceiling, specifically if all the walls are white. The main areas of our house have wood ceilings, while the bedrooms have drywall ceilings. I chose to leave the wood ceilings alone, and paint all the dry wall ones…which were a stylish shade of 50′s pink. Pink…really? Of all the colors you could pick…. Painting a ceiling is just like painting a door, it’s a very easy way to change the look of a room without investing tons of time or money. It’s a small … Continue reading

Painting Interior Doors Black – Why I chose to do it

painting interior doors black chapter37

Doors are pretty average things in a house, and so are walls for that matter. Most of us analyze paint cards and paint samples with great attention, and think long and hard about paint colors for walls…why not for doors? I’m a big believer in making any ordinary “bone” of a house, as un-ordinary as humanly possible. If you’ve got to look at anyway, make it art! One really easy way to do this, is to not overlook the doors! I knew I was going for white walls and trim through the entire house. I wanted the doors to the main rooms (not closet doors) to break up all the white, and to contrast sharply, so I went for black painted doors. Here is a shot of the front hallway in my house before I painted it. Here is that same hallway after paint. (Please disregard the stairs, they are … Continue reading

What will happen if you paint brick?

how to paint brick chapter37

It will look pretty, that’s what! Brick inside a house brings a rustic and warm feel with it that I just love. The trouble is, not all brick is lovely to look at. Some of it can be down right ugly! If you find yourself afflicted with generally unattractive brick, paint is a simple way to improve it. I’m going to give you two examples of this, one of fake brick, the second of real brick. My work shop walls had some troubling issues, termite damage for one, and ugliness for another. I decided I wanted a nice statement wall on one end of the room, so we procured some fake brick paneling from the hardware store. I didn’t think it was all that nice of a color, or the slightest bit realistic looking, but I had a plan. First, I filled in the grout with white paint, which was … Continue reading

How to paint without using painter’s tape


So, you’ve got a wall to paint. Would you like to know how save a whole bunch of money and time painting that wall? If you are going to all the bother of painting a wall yourself instead of hiring it out, I bet its a topic you’d find interesting. One simple step can save you money and time, maybe even millions if you paint walls as much as I do! (exaggerating slightly) Get rid of the painters tape! You don’t need it, you really don’t! You don’t have to be neat, or artistically inclined to paint without tape. I can make a monstrous mess out of just about any task known to man, and I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life, much less paint one! I was scared to try it myself, but necessity is the mother of all adventurous efforts…or something like that. See, I’ve … Continue reading