Not your typical hole in the wall

This project pleases me to no end for a multitude of reasons. For one, it got rid of a major eye sore of the gaping hole left from removing the old wall oven.  It’s been a black cave of awkwardness since we painted last February/March. It was long over do to do something about it! I got some majorly needed drawer space out of the deal to store small things like lids and baking items. I’m a major fan of anything that frees up my counter space…I have a phobia of clutter. And having to dust things. Another thing that makes me super happy about this, is that the Mister was able to re-use some of the wood we pulled out elsewhere to make the drawer fronts. They completely blend in with the old cabinets and look just like they were always supposed to be there. The Mister did all … Continue reading

10 ways to organize your home

Well hello there, and happy New Year! I’m a tad late I know. I’ve been off vacationing and haven’t touched a solitary piece of work for the last week. I didn’t blog, read a blog, check the news, peruse Pinterest, or even so much as peek at my email… and it was wonderful. Now that I’ve returned home to a completely dead and drooping Christmas tree and more laundry than I care to see in the next lifetime, I’m on a massive kick to get things cleaned up around here. I’m finding that if I keep things tidy and uncluttered, that I feel more mentally calm and less easily frusterated. I’m probably just getting old or something. At any rate, here are some of my best tricks to getting the house organized and things put away. A place for everything, and everything in its place. If something doesn’t have a … Continue reading

Patience pays off – $12 Desk Makeover

I came to a sobering realization a few weeks ago. If I am ever to learn the art of proper book keeping, aside from tossing papers into the large fruit basket in my dining room, I need a desk for that specific purpose. My paper work needs a place to be sorted and to live. If something has it’s own place, than I am fanatical about keeping it in that place and organizational utopia ensues…except for when the Mister can’t find whatever it is I put away, and I haven’t the faintest idea where I might have put it. Not that that ever happens. I set off with my two little sidekicks in tow, to scour the country far and wide for a desk with a price tag as close to zero as possible. Nothing like having realistic expectations. I quickly found that the my thrift store circuit was going to get … Continue reading

Color outside the lines – Cabinet doors to wall shelves

I can give you three good reasons why you should never throw away wood cabinet doors. Here they are…one, two and three… Are you convinced?  What if I said I only spent a total of $8 for the entire art nook pictured here? Wood is wood, whether it starts out pretty or not! I hung on to every bit of the stuff we pulled out of the kitchen, knowing I would find something to do with it eventually. As it turns out, these cabinet doors were just exactly perfect for the art corner I’ve been working to finish in the guest room. I took off the hardware, filled in the holes, sanded, spray painted, screwed on brackets, and called it done! Not too shabby for old doors growing mold in the scrap pile! This little art spot for the girls, is coming along just nicely. It’s exactly what I pictured, simple, … Continue reading

The little crates that could

This is the very first project I did for this house. Before a single bit of paint was on the walls, when red carpet was still a horrifying reality, when the musty stench of dust and rot hung in the air and clung to your clothes. While plumbers, electricians, AC guys, and various other pickup truck owning individuals were crawling all over the house running wire, installing things, and shouting good natured insults at one another, the little girls and I sat safely out of way in the sunshine, staining crates. While boots pounded up and down the stairs, and the grind of saws and drills shrieked through the air, I was having a fine time splashing stain on my jeans, and day dreaming about white walls, painted brick, pretty counter tops, and a work room full of delightful things with a pretty spot to sit, read and plan. I … Continue reading

4 jewelry organizers you can make for FREE

Today is Monday. I understand that deep thinking on a Monday is highly non-advisable, even dangerous maybe. (For some of us, that’s pretty much every day! Ha!) So, in the interest of soothing you into a new work week with as little mental anguish as possible, here are four easy ways to organize your bangles, beads and baubles. Exhibit A. Find a frame, insert lace, hang earrings.  Exhibit B. Find a paper towel holder. Paint it orange. Slide bangles onto rod. (Orange is optional, although highly advisable.) Exhibit C. Find a glass flower vase. Fill with bracelets. Somehow shiny things look nicer behind clear glass, odd eh? (No, I’m not Canadian.) Exhibit D. Send your children into the yard to gather sticks. Spray paint sticks gold. Lodge them securely into a flower pot after you’ve killed the flowers it previously held by forgetting to water them. Hang necklaces. (Rejoice! It’s … Continue reading