A Tour of Lights

I think the absolute hugest improvement we’ve made to this house wasn’t the AC, or electrical, or working appliances, or paint, or the cleaning…it was the lights. I had no idea I loved lights so much…until we moved into a house that didn’t have them! Was it socially unaccepted in the 50’s to have lights in a house? Maybe they worked night shift and wanted the house to be dark. Or maybe they had a secret desire to dwell underground. With wood from ceiling to floor, and the very fewest, most dim amount of lights imaginable, this place was an utter cave. I wore one of those ridiculously nerdy headlamp lights on my forehead for the first two months just so I could see what I was doing! (Is it any wonder I went on a white wall painting rampage? I think not!) Lights hit the home improvement budget right … Continue reading