Lamp Shades – One of life’s great mysteries

Do you remember disposable cameras? I used to think they were splendid!  I can still hear the ever so subtle chrk chrk chrk of the wind up, followed by the pop of the picture being taken. Twenty eight, slightly out of focus prints, all for $5.95 at the corner drugstore…what fun! Those pictures were always such a mystery. The anticipation of finding out just exactly was on that camera was enough to cast a cloud over my entire existence until I could get them developed. Mine, very strangely, seemed to always include at least six or seven of the inside of my purse. Those, of course, were not a mystery at all. I do love a good mystery, don’t you? Take this flower pot for instance, it was a bit of mystery. I found it in the summer clearance section, and it practically jumped into my shopping cart. (Things that look iron-like and have curly bits … Continue reading