Wire Star Ornaments

Wire star ornament

There are no magazine worthy Christmas trees around this house. We usually find the largest live tree we can stuff under the roof, and then bedeck it with every ornament imaginable. Vintage, glitzy, rustic, modern, handmade, large, small, any color you wish, it’s all welcome. Granted, if I had my wish it would be magazine worthy, but coordinating stockings on the mantle are about as close as I’ll ever get to it. One certainly can’t say the thing lacks personality, it’s simply dripping with it. Handmade ornaments certainly don’t need to be elaborate. Take these wire star ornaments for instance. They are great little things to add to your own tree or to make for a gift. You need a block of wood, nails, wire, wire cutters and ribbon. Trace out a star pattern on the wood, any size you wish. Mine is about 4 inches. Tap a nail in … Continue reading

Easy gift idea, no crafty talent needed!

I really like to give gifts that have some sort of thought behind them. New stuff is great, but stuff is just “eh”…it looses its excitement (or breaks) pretty quickly. On the other hand, give something that’s personal, and now you have a keepsake that will keep giving a smile for many years to come. One example of a gift that falls perfectly into that category is a photo book! Next to chocolate, I don’t think there’s any more universally enjoyed thing than pictures. I recently used blurb to make the cutest little photo book ever, and it was ridiculously easy! It seriously only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish….which, with my disastrous track record of computer creations, that’s pretty near miraculous. You can get pictures from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, Picasa, etc, to use for your book…how fun would an Instagram one be?! … Continue reading

Gift wrapped scraps and spray painted garland – A Christmas Mantle

rustic girt themed Christmas mantle by chapter37

News flash! Christmas is in 21 days! Yipes! This bit of exciting and alarming information has sent me scurrying frantically to unearth all the Christmas wonders stored in my attic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single thing fitting for our massively large mantle. The mantle is always a bit of a challenge, because it’s just so big! In a fit of inspiration, I dragged in multiple sized scraps boards from outside. Next, I rounded up some old wrapping paper and freezer paper. I wrapped the fronts of each board. I taped on a strip of ribbon, popped a bow on top, and called them done. My next problem was garland. I wanted pretty, rustic looking garland and all I had was plain jane cheap stuff. Not to worry! A quick puff of white spray paint at the tips, and a heavy sprinkling of pine cones from the yard produced just … Continue reading

Signs of the times with old cabinet doors

Cabinet Door Christmas Sign

Oh dear. We are back at it again with a cabinet door project. What is it with old doors, I just can not leave them alone. Solid wood planks with interesting details, pretty old hardware, and price tags cheaper than a salted caramel mocha frappuccina without the salt…sigh…just dreamy. Such possibilities. Perhaps even more possibilities than the amount of leaves currently laying in my yard waiting to be raked. Which is saying a great deal about these doors… …never mind my yard keeping skills. I just figured I had better make sure that all those leaves were completely off the trees before I bothered with them. Because, you know, I hate to waste labor and all that. If my house disappears from view, at least I’ll know it was all worth it to have some decent cabinet door decor going on for Christmas. Know what I mean? Priorities people. it’s … Continue reading

The Entry’s Mini Fall Makeover and Peak at it’s Past

Fall entry decor chapter37

The entryway was the first “room” in this house to see the light of day…or rather, the light of white paint and a scrub brush. I started at the front door when I began painting, and worked my way around the down stairs by order of the rooms which received the most use. This is the first area to get redecorated for a season, and for some reason that just tickles me. If you are to the point in a house where you can re-decorate a space…well then, you are making mighty fine progress I’d say! I didn’t actually do all that much, just a touch of Fall here and there. I was inspired to do this pumpkin picture by a tutorial I saw an another blog…but I can’t find it now to save my life! Ugh! If I find it, I’ll add the link. (Edited 10/8: I found the tutorial! … Continue reading

10 Recipes with Fall spice

Fall Decor chapter37

Cooking is not my thing. Eating, I’m quite skilled at, cooking not so much. It’s a rare day you’ll see anything about cooking on this blog. That said, when the air turns crisp in the mornings, even I get into a fit to bake a bit. And then the urge quickly dies five minutes into it when I realize what a fine mess I’m making! What’s a girl to do? Find something easy, that will smell delicious, that’s what. Half the trick to making people think you’ve cooked something good is how it smells. That’s my theory anyways. I’ve scrounged around and found ten recipes to inspire my Fall baking that are just chock full of Autumn-ish ingredients…guaranteed to make my house smell like an exquisite bakery. And if unforeseen catastrophes befall me, well then, I’ve got plenty of cinnamon and apple scented candles that should do the trick just … Continue reading

Thumbtack Pumpkin Art

Thumbtack Pumpkin Art

Do you know why jack-o-lanterns never quarrel? Because they have no stomach for fighting. Do you know how to repair a broken Jack-o-lantern? Buy a pumpkin patch! How do you make super cute Fall art? With thumb tacks! And mind you, just because this pumpkin is made from tacks, does not mean it’s a tacky pumpkin! And I could keep going with this, but I like you, and I want you to keep reading my blog, so I’ll stop now. I thought I’d get with the program and put some Fall stuff out and about…but my “Fall” decor is synonymous with my “thanksgiving” decor so feel free to fire me on those grounds. I happen to think there’s worse things than being reminded to be thankful two months early. This is my pre-Thanksgiving/Fall mantel…I say “pre” because I highly doubt I will refrain from tinkering with it for an entire 2 … Continue reading